Set Design | Friends

Last week I mentioned designing boats and how there are so many other areas where design can be applied. I have been re-watching Friends from the beginning (thanks, Netflix), and there are some incredibly detailed and beautiful sets.

Friends Set Opening Scene

I think what is so interesting to me about set design is it combines residential design with commercial design because these characters are interacting in a whole built-up world. Here are a few of my favorite sets from Friends:

  • Monica’s apartment, specifically her kitchen¬†and living space: Her kitchen showcases cabinetry painted in a bold color with open shelving on top. Open shelving is something that is so big right now, and I love that it has been used and showcased in television sets like this one. In the living room, her walls are purple, and so are all of the doors and trims. After watching this again, I am contemplating where I can apply this monotone painted look to make it work, and I’m thinking my living room might just be the perfect place!

Friends Set_Monica's Kitchen Friends Set_Monica's Living Room

  • Central Perk: That classic orange sofa? Such a cozy hang out space, and did you know that the art on the walls in the coffee shop changed in every episode? Take a closer look next time and see if you notice anything else quirky that the set designers and the rest of the team played around with on the set.

Friends Set_Central Perk

  • Chandler & Joey’s place: Again, the kitchen: what a quirky yet functional space! The fusball table is the perfect accent in there instead of a dining table for a bachelor pad. I just love it. I also really love the episode when Joey builds the entertainment center that is just a bit too large for the wall between their bedroom doors… I would hate to be the person responsible for a mistake like that in real life!!

Friends set_Chandler & Joey's

What shows do you love the design of? Do you ever find yourself noticing the space the characters are interacting in on sitcoms? I think being a set designer would be so fun, but I can’t imagine how complex it would be to have to create a space that really is perceived well through filming.

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Thursday Night TV

Many moons ago, when they switched over from those metal rabbit ear antennas to the digital antennas, that was all I had for tv. And Thursday nights have always been my favorite for television.

One of the only channels that I could get in my little studio apartment was ABC, and I made sure to be home for Thursday nights’ lineup. I have watched Grey’s Anatomy since the beginning and I was a fan of Private Practice too, but the current line-up from Grey’s to Scandal and now How to Get Away With Murder… I’m not convinced I get enough oxygen on Thursday nights. I hold my breath through about 50% of each episode in anticipation waiting to find out what glorious twist Shonda Rhimes has in store for us next.

If you haven’t watched Grey’s Anatomy or Scandal, I strongly¬†strongly recommend that you get on your Netflix and start watching. After all isn’t that what our beautiful living rooms are for: to cuddle up with a nice big Olivia Pope sized glass of wine and get sucked in to the fictional lives of others while we unwind from our own hectic days?!

What shows do you love to watch during the week?