Painting, Floors + Closet, Oh My | ORC Week 4

Welcome back to week 4 of our One Room Challenge! We are full nesting mode over at casa DBK and I’m feeling so good about the progress we have made!

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The One Room Challenge is a 6 week blogger design challenge, where you pick a space and complete it from top to bottom (or at least get it a lot closer to completion) in 6 weeks! It’s hosted by the lovely Linda at Calling it Home, and there is always incredible inspiration to be found from her 20 host bloggers and countless guest participants. It really is fun to follow along even if you aren’t participating so be sure to hop over to her blog and see what everyone is up to this week!

So, what have we been up to this week? We’ve been working on painting, floors and the closet, oh my! (In case you didn’t get that from the title of today’s post.) But seriously what a difference a fresh coat of paint and resurfacing the floors will make. The paint looked good when it was done, but then when we came home after the floors were finished… Wow! It’s a whole new room!

The new color is Benjamin Moore Metro Gray. It’s not too light, not too dark and looks beautiful in every level of light we get in our bedroom. Though the current overhead fixture does feel a little bit yellow-orange for the room/color, that will be changed in the coming week, so no worries there! When I put on the first coat of paint, the color felt a little purple in the undertones, but once it dried, I loved it. It is a good warm gray without going to far beige/brown.

Sunday we went out to PA to visit my parents in their new home and on their new Bed & Breakfast adventure. P and I are both so happy that they are just a drive away now (albeit a 2.5 hour drive, but it’s not unmanageable by any means), and we are so proud of them that they followed their hearts and are living their dream! But anyway, what does that have to do with our ORC, well two things really.

  1. Monday while we weren’t home, the flooring guys came and refinished the bedroom floors. Seriously, I love coming home to the floors being done, it was exciting when it was the living room, but now that it is the bedroom, all the wood flooring in our condo matches, and feels so light and fresh! I couldn’t be happier with the outcome. (Original floors pictured on the left below, refinished on the right, just in case you can’t see the new beauties so well in the picture.)
  2. And then the cherry on top? My parents’ new place is right near the Rockvale Outlets in Lancaster, where they just happen to have a West Elm (only one of my favorite stores ever). Since our dresser piece was backordered, we’ve been looking at alternate options for dressers for the room and have been striking out. Fortunately the outlet had a piece that we both loved and the size was perfect! We pounced and now my parents have our new dresser at their home and will be bringing it over to us probably around the end of next week–just in time for us to get it into position and set up for the reveal!

So, the final thing that I worked on this week was getting everything re-organized and back into the closet. I think it looks really good right now–who knows how long it will stay so neatly organized and folded, but it looks good and feels great for now! We still haven’t gone through and swapped out our summer/winter wardrobe yet, so that needs to happen but that’s not a ORC related task, it just needs to happen.

You can see the space in the middle now, where Baby will be, and the lowest shelves in that section I’m planning to remove to open up that section a little more. (We just have to wait for the dresser to come so I have a spot to shift those clothes to.)

This week I also bought a few fun pieces of art and some accessories for the final phases of the project, so I’m feeling so so good about the room, our plans for it and how it will all come together in the next 2 weeks! Here’s an updated look at our list:

  • Paint.
  • Swap the light fixture for a ceiling fan (as much as I don’t love them they are practical and we will want the circulation it will offer.
  • Refinish the floors (so they will flow with the living room).
  • Leave the moldings and radiator the hell alone!!
  • Hem the closet curtains (I like the softness of the closet opening/closing with curtains, especially with baby, but they need to be hemmed).
  • Replace the blinds layer of the window treatments.
  • Steam clean the area rug.
  • Move the desk and workspace out.
  • Move the baby furniture in.
  • Add floor length mirror.
  • Accessorize!

This coming week we will be working on the lighting, cleaning the area rug, the situation with the blinds and hemming the closet curtains.

To see the plans and progress we’ve made so far on this project, you can look back at our One Room Challenge here: week 1, week 2 and week 3. And you can check out our Living Room ORC from the spring here! Happy Thursday friends-here’s to a productive weekend!

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Painting the Bedroom | ORC Week 3

Welcome to the halfway point of our ORC! Or at least the halfway point in the time-frame, not necessarily the work! (Or is that just at our house?)

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If you haven’t been following along on our One Room Challenge, you can hop over and see what’s up here; and if you are completely lost and have no idea what the One Room Challenge even is, it’s a 6 week design challenge where you work on one room from top to bottom. It’s crazy, it’s fun and in the end there are a whole lot more beautiful rooms in existence with Linda of Calling It Home to thank! Be sure to hop over to her blog for more! (And to see the Design Hosts and there spaces, check here; for the other guest participants and their spaces, check here.)

So, what progress did we make over the course of the last week?

On Friday, I purchased paint color swatches, with every intention of swatching that evening after work. The plan was to swatch Friday, make a decision Saturday and buy the paint, prime on Sunday morning, and paint Tuesday evening. With trim work to be touched up as needed one evening or this coming weekend.

I bought the samples to swatch, got them home and popped them open, only to discover that the pigment had not been added to 3 of the 4 cans of paint! UGH! Then Saturday I just couldn’t deal and Sunday I couldn’t get to the paint store.

So, Sunday we enjoyed a nice little brunch date and then came home to start shifting furniture. We moved the desk into it’s new home in the living room (I’ll share post ORC once the living room is back to normal), and worked on clearing the little things around the house to prepare for painting whenever that would happen.

Monday I decided to just make a decision, pick a color and buy the paint. No swatching required. I do this every day for other people, it shouldn’t be that complicated!! So that’s what I did… and interestingly enough, I chose a color I hadn’t planned to swatch to begin with.

I went with a tinted primer to save ourselves a coat of paint and some time and now the room is fully primed and ready to be painted. I can’t wait to see the color once it is finished and on the walls!

And when you have a one bedroom condo, and your one room challenge is your bedroom, you sleep with a mattress on the floor. At least until they come to do the floors and the room has to be cleared completely… then we will stay with my parents for a few days (who conveniently just moved to PA and are now only 2.5 hours away), and then sleep on the pull out couch in the living room for another night or two before we can set furniture and the rug back on the floor.

The other progress made this week was on our original closet. That space has acted like a disorganized drop all for off season/less-utilized things forever. So this week, I was able to take it all out, sort through it, re-organize it and put it back in a much more efficient way! The top shelf has a crate filled with camping gear on one side and our backpacking backpacks on the other side. The bottom has all of our nested suitcases, our Christmas tree, the sleeping bag that didn’t fit with the camping gear and a wreath frame. I plan to build a shelf just over the height of where the red bag reaches to store our AC units/window fans on when they aren’t in use. But for now, this is SO much better than it was!

We also had to address some of our choices being backordered. The crib is backordered until December, the dresser until end of November, the light/fan until December… so basically all the new things are on backorder.

The crib we love and it is the only one that fits in our space that we do like so we are just going to hold out for it, since the baby isn’t due until January anyway, even though it would be nice to have it in place for the reveal of the challenge, we’ll have to make it work without the crib.

The dresser we found a few alternate options that work with our required dimensions and the design, so we are going to decide which way we want to go on that and purchase the dresser this weekend.

The fan/light combo, with some additional research I was able to find it at an alternate retailer in stock and it should be here next week! (Few!)

I’ve also started sourcing some of the little extras for the space… art and accessories, and this weekend I need to make a decision on the blinds as well. Unless you guys think I should stick with the variety we have currently… broken blinds are all the rage, right? #trendsetter.

Next week the floors are also scheduled to be done, though depending on when paint is actually finished I may push it back a few days, so check back next week on that one, and then at least by this time next week we should be fully painted, and hopefully with freshly refinished floors!

Here’s an updated look at our list:

  • Paint.
  • Swap the light fixture for a ceiling fan (as much as I don’t love them they are practical and we will want the circulation it will offer.
  • Refinish the floors (so they will flow with the living room.
  • Leave the moldings and radiator the hell alone!!
  • Hem the closet curtains (I like the softness of the closet opening/closing with curtains, especially with baby, but they need to be hemmed).
  • Replace the blinds layer of the window treatments.
  • Move the desk and workspace out.
  • Move the baby furniture in.
  • Accessorize!

Moving along, slowly but surely, and not yet completely questioning why we are doing this to ourselves again, so that’s something!! How are all of you doing with your projects? Anyone else participating and starting to feel the craziness of the ORC? If you aren’t participating, are you following? And do you have a favorite space so far?

My favorite thing about this challenge is how it brings all these great bloggers together and provides such incredible inspiration for all sorts of rooms and spaces of every shape, size and style. So fun!! I hope you’re enjoying it this round.

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Traditional | Warm | White | Kitchen

This kitchen renovation took a lot of planning, but it was so worth it. You can see what it looked like before and in process here, but let’s take a look at all that storage and counter space in the after below!
Warm White Kitchen 1

One of the things that I really love about this new space is the new windows. Both of the windows in the kitchen space were replaced, the one over the sink was moved (it’s worth checking the before post to see the old window placement). The previous window was close to the corner of the room nearest the front door, it was large and low and took up a bulk of the usable space. For a kitchen though it is so nice to have natural light streaming in, it was better in this kitchen to recover that space for storage and counters and upgrade to a smaller window centered over the sink.

We centered the window in the interior space, so if you look closely at the exterior shots, you will notice it is slightly off centered between the door and the edge of the home, but it isn’t super obvious and the bigger concern was that it would look puny compared to the large window on the living room side of the home. Once we applied the siding and shutters it seemed to really blend in and balance out on the front of the house, and there are always landscaping tricks you can do if this is something that ends up changing in your space as well.

The other thing we did to help make this space feel larger was open it up to the formal living room. We weren’t able to open it up completely due to structural requirements and budget constraints, but we opened it as much as possible, extending the counters through to the living room side of the column to create a breakfast nook and keep the sight lines as expansive as possible.

Lastly, we grouped all of the food storage together anchoring the far corner of the room creating ample storage while still leaving the eat-in kitchen capabilities.

Another favorite feature of this kitchen is the white sink. Believe it or not, it is a white granite composite sink, and the homeowner has reported that it is holding up very well and they are quite pleased with it. With the cabinets and sink being white, we balanced it out with a warm counter, paint and flooring to really get a warm feeling in the space overall. This is also why we steered clear of stainless appliances. The white appliances keep the space feeling more open and don’t add the cool stainless feeling to the overall warm space. All of the hardware is in a brushed nickel which is also a very warm finish.

What do you think of this finished space? A lot of people right now are doing all white kitchens with white details on everything except for the appliances and hardware, so I’m interested to see what the feedback will be on this space with the white balancing out with warmer, softer details, but at the end of the day and at the end of the design what matters most is the homeowner and it is safe to say that they are really pleased with not only the visual of the space, but also with the new functionality they have here!

100 Year Old Basement Renovation In Process

This project started out a lot like many others. When I first met with the homeowners, the wife was timid and anxious about even letting me see the basement, but upon seeing it and discussing the space with her, she became very excited to be moving forward with renovating this space.

When I presented the plans to the husband and wife they both became very excited about the space and anxious to keep things moving. This basement needs to consist of more organized storage for household items, their extra refrigerator, an appliance pantry for larger counter-top appliances that get used only a handful of times throughout the year, a laundry room, and gym. In addition to these shared spaces, we needed to create a space where family can crash when needed, so there is also a shared mud room with exterior entry and a full private suite with a kitchenette, living room, bathroom and bedroom, and knowing how amazing this space is going to be when it is finished, any member of the family who gets to crash in this basement is going to feel like they landed at a 5 star hotel.

Through shopping trips, research, planning and revising plans, I have become pretty close with the family and they have had some unfortunate news come to light. That said, we are doing everything we can to finish this project as efficiently and inexpensively as possible.

The space has been fully gutted and the french drains are going in. The space feels so much larger than it felt before and they are starting to be able to envision the plan within the shell of their basement now. We are at a pretty fun stage of the game with everything so raw right now. (All of the images above are pre-demo; below is where we are now.)

I wanted to share this seemingly nothing of an improvement so that you can see how these projects start. We have to knock things down in order to pick them back up again, and in this business it isn’t all pretty. Sometimes you might be ashamed of how your space looks now, but it will get there, even if it takes forever.

This basement is 100 years old, it has a lot of character, and we are intending to keep a good chunk of the character in tact. Can’t wait to show you more along the way as we progress.

WIP|Dressing Room

One of the projects I am really excited about right now is a dressing room I’m working on for a great couple. The house is an older home with tiny existing closets, but at the top of the stairs to their second level, there is a larger bedroom to the left, the master, a bathroom directly across from the stairs, a linen closet next to the stairs on the right and a smaller bedroom on the end of the hall just past the linen closet.

A look at the exiting extra bedroom just after moving into the home:

Since they have two additional bedrooms on the first floor, we’ve decided to convert the second bedroom upstairs into a large walk-in closet, or dressing room, creating a full master suite upstairs. The room has stunning hardwood floors, an existing closet, and for resale purposes it may need to be converted back into a bedroom, so we are anchoring all of the shelving into the walls which can be patched and painted easily enough when the time comes.

Personally, I think that the dressing room would be an excellent sales feature on its own without being converted back, but resale won’t be for a while.

The first thing we did upon my first visit to the home was take a look at all of the shoes, clothing and handbags that they were hoping to house in the dressing room. I then needed to see the space. I took my measurements and hit the drawing boards.

I came up with two options for them in the space calculating the number of items each could potentially hold and presented each to them. To help them better envision how each would feel in the space, I measured out some of the key pieces and marked them with blue painters tape on the floor, and once we could all really see how the space would lay out, a plan was very easily selected.

From the plan, we began furnishing the space. The largest piece of the dressing room is obviously the cabinetry, which had a lot of research involved. Although similar in many ways, the cabinetry for closets are very different from kitchens and baths.

That said, we began looking into a happy medium between big-box stores and Ikea options which turned out not to be customizable enough to fully customizable cabinetry lines. We found our happy medium with a local shelving systems company, Bella Systems, who thus far has been a breeze to deal with.

It took some back and forth between all the parties involved to find the exact right use of space and components involved before we settled on the final layout (the above left floor plan) and placed our order. While we wait for the cabinetry to come in, we are working on selecting seating for the space, a new makeup vanity and coordinating stool, new jewelry storage, art/details for the walls and other accessories.

I promise to update with some selections soon and I can’t wait for this space to come together! It is going to be a dream for the homeowners and the envy of all of their friends and family (myself included)! All digitally created images provided by Bella Systems, some modifications have been made from these plans to fit the current plan moving forward… I can’t wait to share this space with everyone!

Addressing the Bedroom

bedroom before 1

I have decided that I need to change what I’m doing in order to really get my home in order. That said I decided I needed to stop working on little pieces of all the rooms in my home and work to complete one room. I discussed it a little bit last week, waffled around about which room would be best to work on and finally landed on the bedroom. I feel like this is a good place to start as it is where each day begins and ends for us. There are definitely areas of our home that need some attention too, but as P always says, one thing at a time, that way I won’t get overwhelmed with everything.

First things first, I want to give you a little peek at where things are now, and then we can go through the lists of what I would like to get accomplished throughout the course of the month. I’ll share a weekly or as-needed progress report, as well as some social media posts about what we are working on as we work through it.

Things that need our attention:

  • Window Treatments
  • Closet Area-Refold/Reorganize and hem-white curtains.
  • Work Space Completion-Address task lighting, project organization system, and chair.
  • Lighting-change overhead fixture and add desk lighting.
  • Storage-increase and reconfigure to work better.
  • Art & Details-styling the surfaces horizontal and vertical.

So it isn’t too bad. Things like the window treatments, we have (they are in the West Elm box on the floor) and they just need to be installed. Everything else I have a major plan for, I just need to lay it out, finalize and take action to implement. More on that through the course of the week, and hopefully these scary before pictures will just lead to a much better after with all the wow factor a transition can have!

Oh and for those who have been looking for the final office-space area.. these pictures show a sneak peek at where it is now…and although it isn’t fully finished, it is functional and working well for now.

I’m excited to be moving along with this space (and hopefully more in the future), this refocusing is just the push I need to get my ducks in a row and get this room finished!

Picture Rails as Shelving {IKEA Hack}

My home office space has felt like a joke for much of our time in the condo. For the first 6 to 9 months, I was working at the dining room table. When we finally found a desk that was a good size, style, etc., we had a hard time figuring out exactly where we wanted it to go.

Picture Rail Office Shelving

We settled on putting it in the bedroom. In our little one bedroom condo, the choices were between the kitchen, living room and bedroom, and as P does a lot of work in the living room with the TV on in the background to stay current on his industry, I wanted to have my own space where I could shut the door if necessary.

We first added the desk near the door, we tried to add an old shelving unit from Ikea to see if it worked there and ultimately it just felt too crowded, but I had a plan! We shifted the layout around and now the desk space feels like a comfortable work place for me to do my thing whether I’m spreading out on the surface with layouts and material planning or I’m typing away working on the blog.

But still there was something missing. When I chose the desk, I wanted something minimal. When you have a small space and you are adding a substantial piece of furniture, you don’t want it to take over the space or weigh it down too much. That said, my desk really doesn’t have any storage. What’s more is that since I do often find myself using the entire surface to work through spaces that are in process I really wanted to do something to relieve the surface space from having to carry the necessities… so we added shelves!

(Click on any picture below to expand the gallery.)

I wanted to use something long and narrow, to line up with the length of the desk, but be shallow enough only to hold the necessities and some inspirational art. Picture rails were the perfect solution! I searched and found simple white picture rails at IKEA and headed out immediately to pick them up and later that day I set out to install them as shelving in this little IKEA hack.

Once again, breaking out the oldest drill known to man, along with the level and my handy dandy pencil! These shelves were so easy to put up, I even did them without help! So proud of myself! I love getting my little work space put together here. It is making a huge difference in my work flow. I love having a clean surface to work on and I love having a space that feels organized!

I’m sorry I don’t have more pictures to share of the finished work space, but it still isn’t really 100% done yet, so I’ll share soon when it is!

The January Cure Project

For the January Cure over at Apartment Therapy, you are supposed to make a list of “problem areas” within your space, room to room, and if it is bothering you or wreaking havoc on your day to day, write it down. Then you are supposed to decide which area you could actually tackle and get done within the month that would greatly benefit you and your space. We chose our entryway.

Entryway Update 1

The whole entryway is a bit of a struggle – or was, anyway – because of its awkward space with all the doorways off of it, small wall spaces, etc., it has always just not functioned well for us. We tried putting a chair there, we added coat hooks, nothing made it feel better. Until, I decided to add the Ikea Trones.

These little cubbies are like the best creation ever. They are a simple, stackable storage solution in a variety of colors, and I can really see how you could get a ton of mileage from them in many areas of the home. For us, simply stacked and attached to the entryway wall was the best thing we could do for that space.

Now that they are in place, there is a cubby dedicated to Brantley’s stuff, a cubby for our shoes and for now, the top cubby is used for winter. I had thought about getting some sort of more finished shelf to put on the top of the cubbies, but I’ve been really enjoying the top tray shaped area to use for our keys, gym locks, etc., it really has be acting like a great landing zone for our home.

We shifted some of the hooks around, put up a lovely frame that was gifted by a dear friend over the holidays and voila! We now have an awesome functioning entry space that doesn’t make me crazy every time I’m coming or going.

Now, if only I could find a mirror for the other wall and get a new light fixture up in there…