Nested Bedroom Reveal | ORC Week 6

Reveal week of the One Room Challenge is finally here and I’m so thrilled with how our room came together! I wish we had babies bed in the space already to be able to really show off this new space and how it will function, but as I’ve mentioned before, it’s on backorder so we are waiting.

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Other than the crib, everything is in it’s place and we love how it all came together! Take a look back at week 1 to see where we started and our original plans, and week 2 for our inspiration. I think we really nailed it here. If you want to see the space in progress, you can hop over to week 3, week 4 or week 5. But for now, let’s just focus on week 6 and the reveal!!

A few of my favorite things in the space: I love our new dresser/changing area-like everything about it; I’ve struggled with what to put over our headboard for a long time and I’m so happy with the signs I found from Feather & Birch; One of the seemingly small details that didn’t cost us a thing has made a huge impact for us in the space–hemming the closet curtains–I love how they came out and it’s so much easier to function in that space with an appropriate length there now; I could go on because I really do love how this room came together for us, but I won’t! What’s your favorite detail??

Have you hopped over to check out the host bloggers’ reveals from yesterday yet? I have to admit I’ve only had room to check out a few, but so far I LOVE what I’m seeing. One of my favorite things of this challenge is getting to week 6 and getting to see all of the stunning spaces that these insanely talented bloggers have put together. It is seriously so inspiring!! And the same goes for the guest participants too… it takes a while to get through all the posts, but let me tell you it’s worth it.

huge thank you to Linda at Calling it Home for organizing this incredible challenge once again! This is our second challenge and we are running out of rooms to work on in our tiny space, but after each challenge I love our home so much more and can’t wait to host friends to show it off! This challenge is seriously the only way I get to really do design projects on my own space and it is always such a joy when they come together. It’s so fun to be my own client!

So here’s where we ended up on the list:

  • Paint.
  • Swap the light fixture for a ceiling fan (as much as I don’t love them they are practical and we will want the circulation it will offer).
  • Refinish the floors (so they will flow with the living room).
  • Leave the moldings and radiator the hell alone!!
  • Hem the closet curtains (I like the softness of the closet opening/closing with curtains, especially with baby, but they need to be hemmed).
  • Remove the blinds layer of the window treatments and give the windows a good cleaning.
  • Steam clean the area rug.
  • Move the desk and workspace out.
  • Move the baby furniture in.
  • Add floor length mirror.
  • Accessorize!

Doesn’t that feel so good!! Thank you all for following along on this one room challenge! Hop back over to our Spring Reveal to see how the living room came together! And be sure to follow along with us on social media (links below) or here on the blog so you can see the room being updated as the crib comes in and as our life and spaces change with baby!

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Reveal | Master Bathroom That Wows

I have been busy with work and training and projects running their course, we hosted Easter, which I really want to share more about at some point, but for now I really just want to share with you this finished bathroom!


This is the project that the homeowners main request was to open the doors and feel “wow-factor.” I shared the progress report over a year ago and it just took a long time to get schedules lined up for photography.

I don’t know about you, but I definitely think that mission was accomplished!

What do you think? Are these photos not the most beautiful thing? (Thanks Lindsay Photography!) They really show off all of the details in the space!

More work/life/general updates to come late this weekend/next week! What do you have planned for the weekend?

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Tour Of A Sweet Master Suite

This project all started out with a little leak. The homeowner was experiencing a drip in their shower, which developed into mold, which spread through to their closet, and before you know it, their insurance was coming out to take a look at the problem.
Master Suite-Bathroom Overview1

This project started as something done out of necessity, but soon became something that both husband and wife wanted to never have to worry about changing as long as they were in the home. So we worked through a more functional design for the space, shifting the walls slightly to accommodate a wider closet, swapping the tub location to accommodate the make-up area and more cabinetry. We shifted windows, added a laundry room, etc., When it was all said and done, it was so worth it.

The only thing we did outside of the on-suite portion of their master was pick out new paint colors to help the spaces flow together better — hence the random photo of the fireplace. This is their sitting room that leads directly into the bathroom from their master bedroom.

I could live in this master suite. All that is missing is a beverage center for coffee in the morning and wine at night, and a mini fridge and microwave for snacks. Maybe we can tack that on to their next home improvement project.

Living Room Revealed

The last (and only) room reveal I posted from our new condo was our bold kitchen. Our living room flows smoothly in the same tradition, using a bold wall color in combination with large neutral pieces to balance the space.

Our favorite elements of the living room are the cozy couch and rustic/industrial coffee table. Of course, I love those leather chairs, and the gallery wall is something that always makes me smile.

My least favorite element is probably the bar cart. Even though I am the one that gave it the facelift before, I think the colors are too much for the space now and would fit better in a solid neutral or metallic tone, and I would love to find the old Lucite wheels to put back on it.

What do you think? Is there a particular element that you love or live without? What is your favorite element of your living room?

Kitchen Revealed

At long last, here is a look at our kitchen, and those bold pink stripes.

Upon entering the condo, the kitchen is the first full room that you see, so we decided to add a splash of bold color right when you open the door to draw you in. The dining room table is a hand-me-down from P’s parents from their first condo and the chairs are from our old place in Connecticut. The whole dining set is a little large for our small galley style kitchen, but we made it work. The drop leaf table is essential in a small space as we can keep it down when it’s just the two of us eating, or working in the kitchen, and we can pop up the sides when we have guests over.

When you are dealing with a small space, every inch of storage is precious. In our kitchen that means utilizing the space over the cabinets to keep serving pieces, vases, etc., that we don’t use every day and look nice enough to be out, without letting them take up valuable counter space or shelf space. We also added much needed surface space with a little bar cart from IKEA. The shelves add a great place for serving pieces and cutting boards, etc., while the top acts as a little drink station for the Keurig and soda stream.

The bold colors, mixed with the rhino book ends to hold up the cook books, and the touch of pink on that little pipe add just the right amount of whimsy to the space. Our kitchen is now a happy little place where we can cook and entertain guests. Wouldn’t you agree?