Upholstery in the Kitchen|ORC 2017-p6

Welcome back to week 6! Typically this week would be the reveal week, however Linda of Calling it Home (the great creator of the one room challenge) extended everyone’s time allowance by a week due to several delays that were experienced in shipping, permitting, etc., thanks to the many natural disasters that we had this fall.


This week is basically the Christmas Eve of the ORC, because next week is like waking up on Christmas morning to find all the best inspiration and design in some seriously incredible rooms that have come together over the past seven weeks. I CAN’T WAIT!!

So, for our bonus week, we upholstered!! Here’s a look at our pretty pretty fabrics and how they started to take shape for our Kitchen.

So, you’re probably looking at this thinking, “I thought she was only going to maybe do a valance…” well, that is true, I was only maybe going to do a valance, but then my chairs sold out and I had do come up with a plan B. So, after hours of searching for something similar, and clients and friends alike sending me options that might work, I stumbled upon these beautiful and fun stools and knew what I wanted to do.

Screen Shot 2017-11-09 at 8.48.16 AM.png

The stools above were so fun and added such a playful pop of color that I realized, I just needed to find basic stools somewhere and re-upholster them. So the floral print above is for the chairs, and the buffalo check is for the window.

I ended up having the material shipped to my mom’s place. For those of you that don’t know, my mom is a sewing blogger and she has more followers on social media than I do… so if sewing is your thing (clothes, not home dec, she hates home dec), then hop over to see what she is up to. Anyway, handy dad made the valance shape and then Mom and I planned the upholstery for it, and she executed it while I was taking care of life and baby stuff.

For the stools, despite looking on craigslist and Facebook marketplace, I couldn’t find any stools that would work to reupholster. In steps IKEA with their Henriksdal and it was the perfect canvas for my fabric! We bought an extra cover to disassemble and use as a pattern. Mom took it all apart, made the necessary notations (which I wouldn’t have known to make) and then we washed, ironed and started cutting the fabric. I should say mom washed, I ironed, and then she took over the project from there to make sure that they actually fit the stools when she’s done. While she executed the chair covers, I took care of life and baby, some work stuff. And ironed 27 napkins.

When I came home, I brought the valance with me, ready to install, but the chair covers stayed behind and will be delivered next week when my parents come to visit! So other than that, I finished the wax coat on the cabinets and started installing the new hardware. Of course they sent me the wrong number of handles so now I”m waiting on shipment of the rest so I can finish. Hopefully they will be here by Monday.

Here’s a look at our list, and I am SO thankful for this surprise extra week!

  • Prime the walls
  • Paint the walls
  • Paint the cabinets
  • Paint the molding and details
  • Declutter and organize overall
  • Add a main wall shelf
  • (Finally) build my custom table (that I designed almost 2 years ago…)
  • Add some drawer storage (We don’t have a single drawer in our kitchen. Not one.)–ok–we found a solution for this but it’s going to require a lot more customization. (We are getting a drawer but not for a few more weeks so it is officially removed from our ORC list.)
  • Buy new cabinet hardware
  • Install cabinet hardware-12 pieces in, 5 to go…
  • Find seating
  • Make and Install Valance
  • Sewing projects…
  • Art–ordered
  • Clean–work in progress
  • Photograph

So, as much as I was saying last week that we are definitely going to get there. We will definitely get there… It won’t be one of the first posts you read on next Thursday’s Design Christmas morning, but it will be there. I just need the hardware to pull through and then to get the chair covers in position. And for the picture we ordered to arrive so I can hang it. And… I’m sure there are endless little things that I will be running through getting done next week to make the space photo ready.

Also, don’t forget, all of the host designers share their rooms on Wednesdays and the guests share on Thursdays. Definitely hop over to the Calling it Home Blog to see all these pretty updates and hear how everyone is doing. And if you don’t look at any other link posts, you have to at least look at the link posts next week. There will be a ton of them so give yourself time to go through them, but if you are a design lover, you will thoroughly enjoy it, I promise!

In the meantime, follow along with us on Facebook and Instagram, to see what else we are up to. Both behind the scenes of the challenge and other design work is shared there regularly, along with adorable pictures of my little one.

Fashion Week Motivation

New York Fashion Week is in full swing, and if you are anything like me, you are stalking the fashion designers and fashion bloggers on all platforms of social media, filling yourself up to the brim with inspiration.


This quote by Italian designer and one part of the duo, Dolce & Gabbana, is a favorite for inspiration, not just for fashion designers, but for all designers and really any person with dreams in life. Basically if you put your whole heart into something and throw all your passion at it, there is no reason you shouldn’t go far in life.

By the way, the background color of this graphic is Benjamin Moore’s Fashion Pink, I felt it was most appropriate!

I hope that whether you are following along with fashion week or not, this has you feeling inspired to follow your passions and put all your love into what you do.

Happy = Pretty

Love this quote by Audrey Hepburn! I’ve got Audrey on the brain since I’m working on an install tomorrow using her pretty (and happy) face.

happy pretty

I think this is such a great point too. No matter how stunning your features, if you aren’t happy, it will show. That is certainly not to say that we all have to be smiling robots with no range of emotion, but rather that when it comes down to it, we can be overall more optimistic, look for the good in people and situations, find the silver lining, and just overall, live happier. When we are happier people, we are prettier people to be around and more people will be drawn in.

I think this can apply to your homes as well. If you are happier and more positive about your space, you can feel better in that space and start to appreciate all the pretty little details that much more. Think about the things you do to keep yourself happy, like making coffee when you wake up, calling your bestie to chat, or nurturing yourself with all of the fresh produce you can find at the farmers market on the weekends. Just as we nurture ourselves, we should nurture our homes. Take a few minutes while that coffee brews to tidy up a surface or sort through some junk mail; take a few minutes after you finish your dinner to clean it all up, run the dishwasher and wipe down the counters; while you are chatting with your bestie, musti-task by Swiffering the floors or dusting your gallery wall.

Remember to take a few minutes to yourself to keep yourself happy, and take a few minutes for your home to keep it feeling happy. I can promise you that a happier house will only encourage a happier you, and then all involved will be their prettiest!

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday weekend with plenty of time to recuperate before heading back to work this morning! I have a fun breakfast to share from this patriotic weekend, look for that tomorrow morning, it’s going to be repeated all summer long at our place!

National Pink Day

Today is apparently National Pink Day. I found out while scrolling through my Instagram feed, and being the true lover of pink that I am, I just couldn’t let this one slide. So I thought I would quickly share some of my favorite pink paints across the board in honor of this day.

Farrow & Ball's Calamine.

Farrow & Ball’s Calamine.

Cinder Rose 246

Farrow & Ball’s Cinder Rose.

If you haven’t looked at Farrow & Ball before, they have wonderful colors. They feature a select range of curated colors that is truly lovely. I might even go so far as to say they are my current favorite paint manufacturer. They have a shade of pink called Calamine and it is so delicious. The color is soft and subtle, so much so that you may even be able to convince your husband to let you paint the master bedroom suite in this sweet little shade of pink. If you can’t see that pastel shade in your home, check out their Cinder Rose which is more of a dusty desert pink shade with great warmth and depth,

Benjamin Moore's Tickled Pink.

Benjamin Moore’s Tickled Pink.

Benjamin Moore's Peony

Benjamin Moore’s Peony

The manufacturer I specify the most in my projects is Benjamin Moore and they have a vast array of pinks to choose from. That said, I have a few favorites: Peony (2079-30) is a vibrant raspberry shade of pink, while Tickled Pink (2002-50) has more of a refreshing pink lemonade feel to it. Both are lovely, the Peony could be used in a small space to make a statement, and the Tickled Pink would be well suited in a little girls room or a guest room.

Sherwin Williams' Oleander.

Sherwin Williams’ Oleander.

Sherwin Williams' Dishy Coral.

Sherwin Williams’ Dishy Coral.

Lastly, Sherwin Williams is another mainstream paint manufacturer that has a lot of great shades and tones, where you are sure to find exactly what you are looking for. The pinks I selected from them are a bit more orange in their base, first with Dishy Coral (6598), which is very cheerful and warm, I could see this color in a lot of places. Similar to BM’s Peony, it could act as a surprising bold in a small space such as a powder room, mud room or laundry space, but I can also see it adding a great pop by way of a graphic detail in a master suite space. The last pink I’ve selected is Oleander (6603), which is a very soft fleshy pink that, similarly to F&B’s Calamine, could really be used anywhere. Though it reads a bit more pink, it is soft enough to still feel neutral. Try a color like this on your ceiling to bring the eye up.

What are your favorite shades of pink? Do you have a favorite manufacturer or distributor that you like to work with? Happy National Pink Day–hope you made it a pretty one!

MM Drop It

At this point, we have probably all had the overplayed songs of Taylor Swift and Frozen stuck in our heads for hours, if not days on end. They have a good message, “Shake It Off,” and “Let It Go,” are both not only quirky lyrical jams, but they are also important words to live by.


The thing is, there are going to be millions of things in our lifetimes (realistically more like gazillions) that drive us crazy, tick us off or for one reason or another just add a lot of weight to our shoulders. It’s not always easy to shake it off, let it go, or just drop it. Somethings really crawl under our skin.

On Friday, I had a co-worker (who was out of the office) whose customer was mistreating me, for the simple reason she felt if she insulted me and raised her voice, I would be more willing to drop everything else I was working on with my own client projects and help her with what she was doing.

I’m not sure there is anyone out there who enjoys being yelled at, but I take a lot of pride in not only what I do, but the level of customer service I extend to my clients. I try to help people as quickly and professionally as possible, and when someone is yelling hurtful things through the phone at you, it really gets to me. Well, I did end up helping the woman, but I wasn’t super thrilled about it and by the time I got home on Friday, I was ready to pour myself an Olivia Pope sized glass of wine to wash away my woes.

Then I came across the above quote and realized anything the person said to me was only affecting me because I was letting it, when really it only made me feel worse to just hold onto the negativity. Really, I just needed to drop it and move on. For whatever reason, these words by Jacqueline Gentry, gave me permission to just accept that this issue was dealt with, and I didn’t need to be carry it around, I could just drop it and move on.

Let me tell ya, I had still had that glass of wine of Friday night, but I felt so much better! When was the last time that you were feeling bogged down with something and holding onto it for no good reason? Next time, see if you can give yourself permission to stop carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders. I hope this works for you as well as it worked for me on Friday.

Here’s to a week full of weightlessness!

Spaces We Love {Styled for the Holidays}

Since my home isn’t currently ready for a holiday home tour, I have been searching for some incredibly beautiful spaces styled for the season. There is so much out there that I just love that it was hard to choose which spaces I wanted to share, so I narrowed it down to three lovely and fully decked-out rooms.

First things first. If you have been reading along here for any length of time, you know I’m obsessed with flowers. Obsessed. I couldn’t look away when I found this incredible table-scape that is quite literally overflowing with florals and greens. Top it off with those layers of light (again, mildly obsessed), and I am fully in love with this room.

This dining space was styled for a wedding. Link over for more images and details from this shoot

Next up, this nature-inspired cabin in the woods is a real winter wonderland. Through my favorite social media outlet (Instagram) I found Brian Patrick Flynn, an interior designer in Atlanta. He does incredible work and his commentary on his feed is hilarious. Last week, he shared his cabin all decked out for the holidays I linked over to his post as well as the post in Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles to soak up all the little details!

Color, texture, pattern and the holidays. Cozy perfections.

The natural details from the greenery, to all of the different trees and woodland critters, this is a holiday scene I can definitely appreciate. Not to mention, that cabin in the mountains… I’m sure it is stunning year round, what an incredibly backdrop for design!

Lastly, Toronto-based interior designer, Jessica Kelly, combined traditional festive details (wreaths, candles & greenery) with a bold hit of hot pink. I am in love with this combination! It is such a cheerful twist on the classic green-and-red holiday color combination.

The elegant way in which Kelly implements the pinks (again… I’m a little obsessed) is so charming while keeping it very sophisticated. Her pink and green holiday theme was featured in Style at Home, and it is definitely worth linking over and flipping through the images.

This year, we have already picked our scheme, and unfortunately I don’t think it really represents any of these styles. This year we have been so busy that I make no promises that it will be fully decked-out. That said, next year I might just be sharing some hot pink additions to our holiday decor!

Motivation Monday :: Spirit and Essence

This quote is on point. It is so key to remember when you are working on a space, that the shell of the space is important too! The shell is going to limit what you can do to some extent, just as your client will limit what you can do based on their tastes. Work to balance these boundaries. Show the client how great the space can be. Work within that shell and give it a whole new image.

After all in the world of design, this is our life. Meeting the needs of both client and space, while seeing how far we can push the boundaries to create something truly beautiful that functions well and suits the needs of those using it to make everyone happy!