Kitchen Reveal|ORC Fall 2017

Happy Design Christmas everyone!! I’m so so excited to share our finished kitchen today! If you are just tuning in, we are on week 7 of the One Room Challenge, a decor and design blogger link up created by Linda of Calling It Home, where we have typically 6 weeks (we got an extra week this round) to transform a room from top to bottom. So this is the final week, aka, reveal week!


So, just as a quick refresher, here’s a look at our kitchen before (to see the whole before, check out ORC part1 post here):

And now, here’s our kitchen today:





Everything came together beautifully! I LOVE the new space, the mix of the light and dark and how the colors mingle so well with the existing counters and backsplash. I honestly couldn’t pick a favorite part of the room (well maybe that it’s done), though, I am so thankful to have our table and chairs now. They make a world of a difference in our day to day life, the perfect blend of style and function.

What’s your favorite part of the new space? I hope you like how it all turned out!


If you want to look back through our Kitchen Progress here are quick links to weeks 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6. Make sure to also jump over to Calling It Home and check out the Host Bloggers’ reveal posts from yesterday as well as the Guest Bloggers’ reveal posts today. I know what I’ll be doing this weekend on nap time!!

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Paint and A Table|ORC F2017-p5

Welcome to week 5 of our One Room Challenge. The Challenge where only the craziest design and decor bloggers participate in the amazing link party that is the One Room Challenge created by Linda of Calling It Home. The host bloggers post on Wednesdays, check their updates here, and the guests post on Thursdays, check their updates here.

This week we did a lot more painting. And by we I mean I… and boy am I tired!! The cabinet doors all came off and got placed all over the kitchen floor, sort of like real life Tetris, and then I proceeded to paint them all.


I used Annie Sloan Chalkpaint in Graphite… the first coat went on really weird, like I was nervous my ORC was going to be shut down in an instant, but then, they dried and it worked. It was almost as if the first coat was a primer of sorts. Then the second coat went on and I instantly turned into an heart-eyed emoji. Like WHOA these dark gray doors are perfect!!

After the second coat, I painted the cabinet boxes. (I only did the exposed bits–cabinet face, filler strips and end pieces, as well as the front ledge of the shelves) and I literally just said to Pat tonight that they look really good. Anyway, two coats on the cabinet boxes, and then two coats on the back of the cabinet doors.

NOTE: to any of you feeling super inspired and about to go take off all your cabinet doors and prep them for paint, two things: 1., chalk paint will require 2 coats (3 with the wax), but it’s less tools and less prep work than regular paint; 2., please do yourself a favor and paint the back of the doors first!! you will scuff the fronts and need to do touch ups if you don’t. Just trust me on this.

So, once all the doors and boxes had all the paint on them, we put the doors back on the wall.

Our beautiful table was delivered Tuesday (by my amazing mom and handy-dad), along with a floating wall shelf which we installed SUPER late on Tuesday. But guys, my table is here. I designed it like 2 years ago, worked on it and smoothed over the details, and it is finally built and in my kitchen and it is so AMAZING!! I’m in love.


Eleanor’s new chair was also delivered, along with some fabric that I’m waiting for the reveal to share. The new cabinet hardware is supposed to be here today or tomorrow so that can be installed this weekend after I do the wax coat on the cabinets. Then I have the last little details to pull together and then photos!

Here’s a look at the list:

  • Prime the walls
  • Paint the walls
  • Paint the cabinets
  • Paint the molding and details
  • Declutter and organize overall
  • Add a main wall shelf
  • (Finally) build my custom table (that I designed almost 2 years ago…)
  • Add some drawer storage (We don’t have a single drawer in our kitchen. Not one.)–ok–we found a solution for this but it’s going to require a lot more customization. We are getting a drawer but not for a few more weeks so it is officially removed from our ORC list.
  • Buy new cabinet hardware
  • Install cabinet hardware
  • Find seating
  • Make and Install Valance
  • Sewing projects…
  • Clean
  • Photograph


Basically, we are right there! Two weeks out, and a handful of little things and some larger upholstery things left to do…I’m feeling really great about this project!

Side note, Eleanor got to sit in her new chair at her new table and eat dinner tonight. It was perfect!! This is the whole reason I decided to tackle the space, so if nothing else except cleaning happened, I’d still be so happy!

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Kitchen Primer + Paint|ORC F2017-p4

Whelp, here we are in week 4 already! This week we had some major visual changes in the space, because paint–yay!

So, real quick, the one room challenge is a design/decor blogger link party, hosted by Linda at Calling It Home, where we all try to whip a room into shape in six very short weeks. The host bloggers share on Wednesdays and the guest bloggers share on Thursdays, There are over 200 people participating, and some incredible talent shines in this event. So definitely hop over and check it all out.

Alright, back to our kitchen. Over the weekend, we basically prepped the space for paint, removed the handles (except for two extremely stubborn handles that are still stuck in place-ugh!), and removed the doors that were close to the walls, then taped off the edges to prep for paint. NOTE: when you are removing cabinet doors, it is SUPER important to number them in the cabinet box and on the cabinet itself. Place a piece of painters tape on an area that isn’t being painted so that you know where to put the doors back when you are done!

Monday, we went and picked up our paint and primer. Monday after E went to bed, we got to work covering those pink stripes!! One coat of primer covered everything well enough to move forward with the paint, so Tuesday night and then yesterday followed the primer with the first and second coats of paint!

Once the paint was finished, I finished cleaning up the cabinets and prepping them for paint. To prep them for paint, with chalk paint, you don’t need to rough up the surface, it just needs to be completely clear of any dirt, grime, oils, etc., and then the paint will adhere. So we scoured the surface first with a steel wool and water, then followed that with a spritz of Thieves Cleaning spray (my faves from Young Living–this stuff is Ah-mazing, but more on that another time!), wiped them all down and now they are all set to be painted!

This week, we also decided on barstools. The ones I posted last week, tragically became unavailable basically as soon as I shared them… so after I recovered from that loss, I scoured the internet for a second choice. I’m NOT sharing it because I still need to go pick them up, but decision’s made and I’m excited to see it in place!

So here’s a look at the updated list:

  • Prime the walls
  • Paint the walls
  • Paint the cabinets
  • Paint the molding and details
  • Declutter and organize overall
  • Add a main wall shelf
  • (Finally) build my custom table (that I designed almost 2 years ago…)
  • Add some drawer storage (We don’t have a single drawer in our kitchen. Not one.)–still trying to work this one out… not sure it’s going to happen…
  • Swap out the cabinet hardware
  • Find seating
  • Make and Install Valance–Still debating on this too, It’s last on the list… we’ll see what happens!


Well, the list is mighty long still, but, I feel pretty confident now that the walls are painted that we are going to get through it!! We are over the hump!


This week, we are focusing on painting the cabinets, getting the new hardware and installing it. The table is coming on TUESDAY(!!), as is the floating wall shelf. This weekend, I’m going to finish my research on the drawer options and see what, if anything, we can make work; and get the stools purchased and in the house!! So next week, we should see some major strides in the progress, and then I think it will just be styling and pictures… Hopefully I’m not being too optimistic or unrealistic with my timing.

How are you all doing with your projects?

One Room Challenge Fall 2017 | The Kitchen

Lately I’ve been motivated to get back to blogging, but when you’ve been out of the game for a year, it’s not always easy to jump back in.

My last posts were all from the One Room Challenge last Fall, when we were preparing for baby P. Well if you follow me on any social media at all, you know that not only is Eleanor here, but a whole lot has changed!! More to come on all that later, but for now, I liked the symmetry of picking up the blog where we left off with the ORC. This time with the kitchen!

I have waffled so much on doing the ORC this time…and obviously I’m late to the game (it started bright and early Wednesday and Thursday), but we are hitting the ground running. We are hoping for maximum visual impact with minimal changes.

These pictures are of our kitchen as it sits now. I may have done a quick clean up, but no major cleaning or organizing because it helps to show how dysfunctional this room has become for us.

We spend so much time here, especially being that I’m home with E most of the time, we really spend a lot of that time cooking or eating IN the kitchen. So my main objective is to make this space really work for our family right now…but also make it look damn good too, so I’m happy and wanting to spend my time here.

What’s on the list for an upgrade?:

  • Paint the walls (I am so over the hot pink accent stripes!!)
  • Paint the cabinets (I’ve never liked this light wood here.)
  • Paint the molding and details (The molding desperately needs some TLC and although I would love to replace it, it’s not likely with baby P in the picture.)
  • Declutter and organize overall
  • Add a main wall shelf
  • (Finally) build my custom table (that I designed almost 2 years ago…)
  • Add some drawer storage (We don’t have a single drawer in our kitchen. Not one.)
  • Possibly swap out the cabinet hardware
  • Find seating

So there you have it. We’re back in the game! Leave a comment and let me know what you think!! Next week I’ll be sharing my inspiration for the new look of the space and possibly a little progress.


Oh and if you’re reading this post like, “ORC, what’s that?!” It’s a HUMONGOUS decor blogger link up party created and hosted by Linda from Calling It Home. Every Wednesday for 6 weeks the featured bloggers share a room they are transforming from start to finish; and every Thursday, the participating guest bloggers around the world follow suit in their own room! So it’s one room, 6 weeks and more than 100 bloggers. It is quite the decor party, and reveal week is filled with insane spaces and reveals that will have you turning all heart-eyed emoji at them. It is seriously an inspiring design challenge and I hope you follow along with me and at least a few of the other bloggers that are out there!

Here’s a look at all of our previous one room challenges (living room and bedroom). This blog link party has really forced us to make this condo really feel like us. Though these spaces continue to evolve as our family grows here, I love how the ORC has forced us to ‘finish’ the rooms and make this home ours!

A Woodstock Kitchen Update

I’ve been slacking on regular blog posts focussing thoroughly on actual work and nesting/the One Room Challenge. Since this Woodstock Kitchen is in the home stretch, I thought I’d give a little behind the scenes view of some of the work in progress during my last few visits. The first visit was in the midst of demo day and the second was on countertop install day. Some really great progress is left to be revealed once we get these last few loose ends tied up and get some photos taken to share!

I’ve really loved working on the project and seeing all of the details come together. I’ve seen a few pictures from the client on how things are shaping up, but I can’t wait to see it for myself. This project has been such fun updating what was existing and not doing a full gut. (You can read more about that here.) What do you think? (Sorry for the poor phone picture quality… such is the case with works in progress.)

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A Kitchen in Woodstock | Before

This kitchen has been so much fun to work on. Not only is the client great, but the house is great! From the architecture through to the client’s style, I’ve loved working on this project.

I’m excited to share more on this one as progress continues because compared to most of the projects around here, it isn’t a full gut! We are taking the space and using a lot of existing elements to change the overall look without changing everything. The kitchen has a lot of natural light pouring into it as you can see in the photos above of the existing space, which is great. It is a really great size and everything is in relatively good shape.

So, what’s the plan? (Images Below: left, existing floor plan; top right, proposed new floor plan; bottom right, new window wall elevation with shelving and molding details.) We are stripping and painting the cabinets, replacing the island with something that fits the space a little bit better and offers a bit more function, replacing the countertops, sinks, faucets and backsplash. Then to elevate things we are raising the upper cabinets, adding some floating shelves to the space and opening up the pass through window to make the space flow better. Sounds like a lot? Well it’s a lot of carpentry work that will add up to make a huge impact on the space, without gutting the space completely.

What are we keeping exactly? All of the perimeter cabinets, base and uppers (with the exception of the kitchen sink base which was shot), all of the appliances-including the built in grill in the island, all of the shelving in the space is staying (cookbook storage and art storage above cabinets now) and actually we are adding more around the rest of the kitchen, lighting will remain as is since the kitchen is so bright already, and most importantly we are keeping the flooring which continues throughout the first floor and is original to the home.

What do I love most about this project? When I first started design school, when I was still in Washington (state not DC), my second semester I took an environmental design class learning about all the ways interior design adds to landfills and how to use better products and re-use what you can to help limit or prevent this. After that class I actually dropped out and switched majors for a while to environmental science. I realized that there wasn’t really a career path I could see myself in that would fall under that new major, so then I quit altogether and did some living and some soul searching. After a few years, I finally decided to follow my passion of interior design and go back to school, promising myself I’d do my best to encourage ‘green’ choices when I could. This project totally speaks to that!! And I can’t wait to share with you all how beautiful it can be, after we get it all wrapped up, to renovate this way!

Maybe it’s the location, but this project is really bringing me back to my Pacific Northwest tree-hugging roots in the best way possible and I’m loving every minute of it. And if you made it all the way through this wordy post, I appreciate you hanging in there! I’m going to be up at this jobsite next week and I’m hoping to get some pictures for an in-progress post to share with you all then!

Do you think you’d be a fan of keeping some of your existing pieces and only refacing cabinets and updating some of the details to make a change instead of doing a full gut renovation? I’m interested to hear what you think of the concept and see how you will feel when you see the completed space–maybe I can convert some of you!

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Kitchen Revealed

At long last, here is a look at our kitchen, and those bold pink stripes.

Upon entering the condo, the kitchen is the first full room that you see, so we decided to add a splash of bold color right when you open the door to draw you in. The dining room table is a hand-me-down from P’s parents from their first condo and the chairs are from our old place in Connecticut. The whole dining set is a little large for our small galley style kitchen, but we made it work. The drop leaf table is essential in a small space as we can keep it down when it’s just the two of us eating, or working in the kitchen, and we can pop up the sides when we have guests over.

When you are dealing with a small space, every inch of storage is precious. In our kitchen that means utilizing the space over the cabinets to keep serving pieces, vases, etc., that we don’t use every day and look nice enough to be out, without letting them take up valuable counter space or shelf space. We also added much needed surface space with a little bar cart from IKEA. The shelves add a great place for serving pieces and cutting boards, etc., while the top acts as a little drink station for the Keurig and soda stream.

The bold colors, mixed with the rhino book ends to hold up the cook books, and the touch of pink on that little pipe add just the right amount of whimsy to the space. Our kitchen is now a happy little place where we can cook and entertain guests. Wouldn’t you agree?