Kitchen Inspo|ORC Fall 2017 p2

And just like that, it’s week 2 of the One Room Challenge!! Be sure to hop back and check out our week one post. I’m also hoping one of these days to get some non ORC posts up about life and Eleanor and all the things, so stay tuned for that as well.


But for now…. I wanted to share some of our inspiration for our kitchen revamp with you all!! Right now our kitchen is comprised of a few main components:

  1. The hot pink abstract lines on the main wall
  2. The ‘coffee cart’ as we call it, which holds the espresso machine, the keurig machine and really all the things that don’t live inside cabinets; and…
  3. The maple-ish cabinets themselves.

That said, I’d like to see all of those main features gone in the facelift of our space. In addition to wanting these aspects gone, there are several things I would like to accomplish in this process:

  1. A more cohesive space.
  2. A place where we can dine as a family
  3. A designated place to brew caffeinated beverages; and
  4. A space that feels like ‘us’ while also being appealing to future buyers… after all, when you are in a 1BR condo with a baby, the need to sell is always on your radar.

So here’s the plan:

We will stick with a black, white and grey color scheme; remove the coffee cart which looks cluttered (I don’t mind the open shelving of it, but not all the shelves are stationary and it makes me so nervous with a baby that is starting to pull-up … my nightmare is seeing the thing crashing down with all the jars on it shattering as well… eeeek!!); create an ‘eat-in’ table area for us to actually eat as a family at a dining table (as opposed to on the couch); and paint the whole room, cabinets and all to create less visual chaos in the space.

Our color scheme is black, white. grey and wood, and as you can see in the first picture, which really shows the overall look and feel of what we want to do, we are going to go dark on the cabinets and light everywhere else. We can’t agree on the stain for the table yet, so we will see what happens there, but what do you think?? Natural and light or Dark and rich?? Do you like the direction we are heading with the room as a whole??

Be sure to jump back to the One Room Challenge main page and check out all of the main bloggers and participant bloggers‘ rooms, inspiration and progress!!


If you are just stopping by wondering what we are up to, here is the week one post to catch you up. And here is the list of things we are planning to tackle:

  • Paint the walls
  • Paint the cabinets
  • Paint the molding and details
  • Declutter and organize overall
  • Add a main wall shelf
  • (Finally) build my custom table (that I designed almost 2 years ago…)
  • Add some drawer storage (We don’t have a single drawer in our kitchen. Not one.)
  • Possibly swap out the cabinet hardware
  • Find seating
  • Make and Install Valance

This week we also finalized plans and bought materials for the new table. Hoping to start painting the cabinets next week! Stay tuned next week for more on that!!

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Nested Bedroom Reveal | ORC Week 6

Reveal week of the One Room Challenge is finally here and I’m so thrilled with how our room came together! I wish we had babies bed in the space already to be able to really show off this new space and how it will function, but as I’ve mentioned before, it’s on backorder so we are waiting.

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Other than the crib, everything is in it’s place and we love how it all came together! Take a look back at week 1 to see where we started and our original plans, and week 2 for our inspiration. I think we really nailed it here. If you want to see the space in progress, you can hop over to week 3, week 4 or week 5. But for now, let’s just focus on week 6 and the reveal!!

A few of my favorite things in the space: I love our new dresser/changing area-like everything about it; I’ve struggled with what to put over our headboard for a long time and I’m so happy with the signs I found from Feather & Birch; One of the seemingly small details that didn’t cost us a thing has made a huge impact for us in the space–hemming the closet curtains–I love how they came out and it’s so much easier to function in that space with an appropriate length there now; I could go on because I really do love how this room came together for us, but I won’t! What’s your favorite detail??

Have you hopped over to check out the host bloggers’ reveals from yesterday yet? I have to admit I’ve only had room to check out a few, but so far I LOVE what I’m seeing. One of my favorite things of this challenge is getting to week 6 and getting to see all of the stunning spaces that these insanely talented bloggers have put together. It is seriously so inspiring!! And the same goes for the guest participants too… it takes a while to get through all the posts, but let me tell you it’s worth it.

huge thank you to Linda at Calling it Home for organizing this incredible challenge once again! This is our second challenge and we are running out of rooms to work on in our tiny space, but after each challenge I love our home so much more and can’t wait to host friends to show it off! This challenge is seriously the only way I get to really do design projects on my own space and it is always such a joy when they come together. It’s so fun to be my own client!

So here’s where we ended up on the list:

  • Paint.
  • Swap the light fixture for a ceiling fan (as much as I don’t love them they are practical and we will want the circulation it will offer).
  • Refinish the floors (so they will flow with the living room).
  • Leave the moldings and radiator the hell alone!!
  • Hem the closet curtains (I like the softness of the closet opening/closing with curtains, especially with baby, but they need to be hemmed).
  • Remove the blinds layer of the window treatments and give the windows a good cleaning.
  • Steam clean the area rug.
  • Move the desk and workspace out.
  • Move the baby furniture in.
  • Add floor length mirror.
  • Accessorize!

Doesn’t that feel so good!! Thank you all for following along on this one room challenge! Hop back over to our Spring Reveal to see how the living room came together! And be sure to follow along with us on social media (links below) or here on the blog so you can see the room being updated as the crib comes in and as our life and spaces change with baby!

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Decisions & Inspiration | ORC Week 2

In cased you missed the announcement last week, we are joining in on the One Room Challenge again this season! The ORC is hosted by Linda at Calling it Home and has been running for 11 seasons now I believe. It has become a challenge that many design and decor bloggers and enthusiasts look forward to every Spring and Fall Season. The challenge is to pick one room and transform it in six short weeks. We first participated last spring with our Living Room and with baby on the way, we knew we wanted to participate this fall to get our space ready for our new arrival! Here are some inspiration spaces for our room:


(Sources, clockwise from top left: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6.)

Since last week not much has changed in our bedroom. Okay, nothing has changed. But there has been a lot of planning and brainstorming of details happening. So without further ado, here’s a look at what I’ve been up to with our space this week!

Color, or a lack thereof. The bedroom right now is green, like a really pretty jewel-tone green, but it needs to be lightened up. Though I debate painting it the moodiest of deep eggplant purples, or seriously stormy gray, for what we are doing, neutral is key. I do feel that babies can thrive in dark spaces, but, for us we are also keeping resale in the back of our mind since we won’t be painting again before we sell our place (whenever that is) this is it. Buyers are unimaginative and that is putting it nicely… so light and bright it is. And I think the change will be refreshing for us too!

Texture, texture, texture! Since we aren’t finding out the gender of Baby P, and we will all be sharing the room, in addition to keeping the colors neutral, we are using a lot of texture to add to the space. Our area rug in here is a white short pile shag carpet with a grey linear pattern, which we will keep and just steam clean to refresh. Our curtains have a great visual texture to them, they will also stay. I’m considering re-upholstering the bed though… currently it is a light tan/beige color. I’d love to have it be more in the gray/white/ivory family we are going towards, so I’m considering a white or ivory linen or velvet…or maybe charcoal… Thoughts? The bedding will pretty much stay as is (white with greige border detail, and quilted greige euros) with the introduction of some new pillows maybe… I’m thinking of maybe some of the fun lamb pillows we have in the living room.

Let there be light! I want to make sure we have enough layered lighting in the room so that if baby is sleeping and we want to read before bed, we still have the option. I’m thinking of hanging some pendants over each side of the bed for that purpose and then adding a lamp/nightlight set-up on the changing area to make sure we can see what we need to in the middle of the night. And then I just have to decide on which ceiling fan/light combo to go with. Here are the ones I’m considering (clockwise from top L, 1, 2, 3, 4.):

What do you think? I need some opinions on the fan/light situation as well as the option to either leave the headboard alone or make the change and if I change, what color/texture to go with… help!! Follow along with our progress every week here, and be sure to also hop over to the Calling it Home blog to see the other Guest and Host participant spaces. These are so great for inspiration, definitely worth the time to read through the posts!

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Three Days in Georgetown, Malaysia

Our second stop of our #PickensinSEAsia adventure was in Georgetown, which is on the island of Penang in Malaysia. We heard about this destination first in our travel guide, but after doing a bit more research, it seemed like a good stop to build into our itinerary for a few reasons. Georgetown is well known for its culinary culture as well as its rich historical background.

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We arrived to Georgetown (about an hour and a half flight from Singapore), in the early afternoon on day one and after checking into our hotel, we set out to explore. There is one main road in Georgetown (Lebuh ) that has all of the main touristy religious destinations, so those were amongst our first stops.

We first went to Kapitan Keling Mosque, walked past Sri Mahamariamman temple (which was closed at the time), headed over to Kuan Yin Temple and lastly stopped at St. George’s Church. So in the span of a few hours and a few blocks we visited places of worship for Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist and Catholic faiths. I love that you can see all of these different sights and learn all about these different cultures so close together, it’s a pretty unique experience to say the least.

Afterwards we made our way out to the coast and soaked up the views for a while before touring Fort Cornwallis, which was actually really interesting to see with some of the vintage cannons, the unique shape and the history of the fort on the island. Next to the fort, there was a large field, The Esplanade, that happened to be featuring an exhibit of the United Buddy Bears while we were there. Although we didn’t take any pictures of the bears for who only knows what reason, they were all decorated by artists from different countries and positioned in such a way to be linked when joined to create a united circle. The bears apparently travel around the world for different exhibits and you can look up more on them here.

We wrapped up day one with a walk through Little India and a delicious diner there before calling it a night.

Day two kicked off with a visit to the Blue Mansion, aka Cheong Fatt Tze’s Mansion. If you have any interest in architecture or design at all, or if you enjoy history, or you’re just a fan of great storytelling, the Blue Mansion is worth the trip for the guided tour. We both really enjoyed the tour of the mansion for all of the aforementioned reasons. The interiors and architecture were something else. The colors, patterns, textures… talk about inspiration (I could do a whole post on this place… but I won’t)! The history and the way our guide shared the stories of how the mansion came to be were the icing on top.

After the Blue Mansion, we made our way over to the mint mansion… Okay they don’t call it that, but the colors of Penang and the Georgetown Heritage zone were really special. This second stop was at the Pinang Peranakan Mansion, which also had a really unique history and some great interior and architectural inspiration. We had a tour here as well and our guide was entertaining to say the least. I’d say it was another worthwhile tour here.

When were were finished touring these mansions we found our way to some fresh dragon fruit and pineapple from a hawker stand, and then found our way down to the Klan Jetties. The jetties are series’ of stilt houses that extend out over the water where people still live today. Though many are open to tourists, you should be mindful and considerate as you walk through that these are people’s homes. We walked through the Chew Jetty, one of the more popular Klan Jetties and it was definitely worth the stroll just to see the way some of the people live here. Really unlike anything you’d see back home.

We wandered and meandered through the streets making our way back to the hotel and seeing what else we could see along the way. For dinner we had local Peranakan style cuisine that was so tasty, and followed it up with good old fashioned American dessert at a little cafe we stumbled upon.

Day Three, we opted to find the hop on, hop off bus for Penang. This bus had two route plans, one for the Heritage zone, which we felt we had thoroughly explored and one for the beach route that leads you out to the jungle. We opted for the beach route and the jungle. One winding scenic ride, loads of bug spray and 2 huge bottles of water later, we were at the trailhead and on our way out to Monkey Beach! This trail route is heavily trafficked and very clear with the exception of one tree we had to scootch under. The scenery along the trail was really awe inspiring with the water off to our right following us around the edge of the island and the jungle to our right, it was like nothing I’d ever seen before and it was stunning.

We made it out to the beach and waded in the water, took in the sights and had some snacks. We didn’t see any monkeys on the beach as the name would imply, but we did see monkeys both on our way there and back-it was amazing! There was an option to hike further past Monkey Beach out to Lighthouse Point I believe it was called, and we thought we’d try it, but we got about halfway and the path was a bit trickier which we hadn’t anticipated with our footwear and clothing choices, so we turned back. What we saw on our hike was really incredible, and if we ever go back, I’d definitely make sure to dress appropriately and hike the jungle a bit more.

After climbing out of the jungle, we had a few more snacks and bought more water while we waited for the bus. Then we made our way around the rest of the beach route, enjoying the drive past many other sites on the island. Again, with more time we would have maybe included some additional stops, but we prioritized what we wanted to do and made it through our list. Everything that we did get to see/do in our short time here I would highly recommend to anyone heading this way. Penang and specifically Georgetown, were a great cultural experience all around.

For more on our travels through Southeast Asia, come back Monday–next stop is Kuala Lumpur! Be sure to also read up about our first stop Singapore and continue on with all of the destinations of our trip!

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Three Days in Singapore

I’ve finally been sifting through all of our many many pictures from #PickensinSEAsia so that I could share about our trip. I’m breaking it down by destination and hopefully you’ll enjoy the series. First up is Singapore!

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Three days in Singapore is simply not enough. We really had 2.5 days, but who’s counting. Click on any of the images to enlarge and I apologize in advance for the oversharing of details and imagery, I couldn’t help it!

So, First things first, we landed just after midnight local time which I’d highly recommend (or any late eve landing if you can swing it) so that you can just get to your hotel, go to bed and wake up on the time–it worked swimmingly for us!

Our first day there, we opted to go in search of the hop-on hop-off bus. We’ve found that these are great ways to get to all of the main city sites especially when you have limited time. Most of the key tourist stops will be on one of their routes and you will get earphones with info along the way. The tours are all operated under different companies and you just have to look up where the routes may cross your paths and how to purchase in advance so if it’s cash on the bus, you are prepared to pay.

Unfortunately, despite adjusting well to the time, we didn’t adjust well with our sense of direction. We ended up turning right when we should have turned left and walked through a section of Chinatown, which despite not being part of our plan for that morning, was really interesting and fun. There are walking tours for Chinatown and Little India in Singapore that you can look into, or you can just wander through these areas and explore depending on your travel style.

Once we got ourselves turned around and back on track, we did find the bus and made it over to one of our first sites for the trip: The Singapore Flyer. This high flying ferris wheel was really cool, I’m not a super huge fan of heights, but P loves these types of attractions, and despite the hazy day, we still could see for miles. They say on a clear day you can see all the way to Malaysia, and if we still weren’t oriented enough, this vantage point allowed us to really get our bearings in the city.

When we got our feet back on solid ground we opted to walk across the river and made our way to the Gardens at Marina Bay. This area is one that if we had more time, I’d love to have explored at night with the sculptural trees and bridgewalk all illuminated. It looks stunning in pictures and I’m sure it would have been beautiful to see live. That said, we opted to just walk around the area for a little while, take in the Cloud and Flower Domes and explore the pathways that lead around the garden. It was a great walk, and we were able to pick back up the bus afterwards to keep our day going.

Next up, The Botanical Gardens. If you’ve followed me for any length of time, you know that I love flowers. LOVE. Any flower, any color, I just love them! So walking around the botanical gardens was a must for our trip. The gardens are so peaceful and they have a variety of of little gardens you can walk through. My favorites were the Orchid Garden (worth the fee-the botanical gardens in general are free of charge), the fragrance garden and our walk through the rainforest area.

Once we finished up here, we hopped back on the bus and stopped on Orchard Road, one of the big shopping districts in Singapore. Not really to do any shopping but our hotel and many restaurants were close enough to this stop that we just explored the area as we made our way back towards the Quays (pronounced ‘keys’–little ports along the river).

We had dinner in Clark Quay, sharing the famous Singapore Chili Crab, definitely a must try if you are okay with spicy foods, the flavor was really good, and even though it was extremely messy to eat, it was fun to share the experience and try the dish!

Day two we walked through the Quays a bit more, starting our morning in Clark Quay which is a bit quieter in the daylight than at night, but so beautiful to see with all of it’s pretty colors. We made our way back over to Orchard Road for brunch before finding the bus again (we opted for the 48 hour pass). We road around the city a bit and then transferred to a bus to go to Sentosa Island.

Sentosa Island has free shuttle/trolley transportation all around it, so we made our way to the Southernmost point of Continental Asia. Found a little spot on the beach and relaxed until the heat got to us. The palm trees were just as picturesque as you’d imagine they would be but we couldn’t stand the heat, so we made our way over to the center of the island to visit the Sentosa Merlion. I liked exploring this little part of the island. We got coffee, found a roaming peacock, saw the Merlion up close and then treated ourselves to popsicles before heading back to the bus stop.

From there we made our way back to the city center, hopped off the bus and just meandered. We made the iconic stop at Raffles Hotel and walked through the areas you are allowed if you aren’t a guest and it is stunning. If we win the lotto we will go back to Singapore and stay at the Raffles and have all the Singapore Slings and it will be fabulous. Until then, we will just enjoy the architecture.

We made our way through to the financial area, spotted a few more pretty little buildings and then found ourselves at the Singapore Merlion at sunset. It was the perfect place to see the really remarkable architecture that fills the Singapore skyline. Really a great way to end our last night in Singapore.

We walked along the river after sunset, got a little lost again and then found our way to Boat Quay for dinner where we had more delicious local foods before calling it a night.

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Day three, we took one last look around our area, behind Clark Quay and then called a cab and headed to the airport. We really enjoyed our time here, and although we made a list of all the things we would do if and when we ever come back, I think we filled our time really well and got to see everything we wanted to see.

Overall, Singapore felt like a really modern city, the food was great with a huge selection of cuisine you could get anything, the sites were beautiful and we really got our trip started on the right foot here!

Next stop in Southeast Asia: Georgetown on Penang Island, Malaysia! Check back tomorrow for all of the details.

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Summer Travels | Southeast Asia

Practically the biggest and most exciting personal thing we’ve been working on this summer is hammering out the details for a big summer trip! We are headed to Southeast Asia.

Lonely Planet, Travel Books, Southeast Asia on a shoestring, Southeast Asia, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Singapore, Indonesia, Travel, Summer Travels


After a lot of reading and research (primarily with this Lonely Planet Guidebook), scanning pictures, scouring reviews and chatting with people who have been there, we’ve landed on a plan.

In a little less than 2 weeks, we are heading out.. here’s a breakdown of what our trip will look like, once we arrive:

3 Days in Singapore

3 Days in George Town, Penang, Malaysia

3 Days in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, with a day trip to Cameron Highlands

7 Days in Bali, Indonesia with a day trip to Lombak

Then back to Singapore for a night before we fly home.

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It was so hard to narrow it down to these countries and then these specific locations. When we chose Southeast Asia, we wanted to cover the whole region and see everything, but with limited time away we decided that we would be better off limiting our stops and taking more time in fewer places. Quality over quantity. Slow and steady like our snail friend from our wanderlust reading nook.

If you’ve been to any of these places or areas and you have recommendations, send them our way! I can’t wait to go and experience this trip. It really will be the trip of a lifetime, except hopefully we will go back to the region again at some point to explore the countries and places we aren’t getting to this time around.

I can’t wait to share all the nitty gritty details and what I imagine will be all the stunning imagery once we return. And if you can’t wait to see some of our adventures, follow along with us on social media for updates as we go! (Links below.)

What trips have you been on or been planning this summer? Anything you have dreamed about for ages? Hopefully your summer has been filled with fun!

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The Done List

It has been well over a month since I last blogged and I have been missing this outlet as a way to express myself and share the happenings of life and work. I had been seeking inspiration and making a lot of lists until last night. On our way home from our weekend away, P and I were listening to “The Happiness Project” by Gretchen Rubin, and she mentioned getting great blog ideas and wanting to save them away but needing to trust yourself to come up with new great ideas for posts all the time and to use them when you have them.

I don’t recall the exact quote but it was something like creativity grows more creativity, or inspiration in place of the word creativity… something like that. However she put it hit me and I was sitting there thinking, you know what, it’s time to log back on and get back to it. It’s been too long! (Check out her blog and book to get more inspo for your own happiness–I think when we finish the book I might start listening to her podcasts too.)

The other thing that had me feeling so inspired the other day was @EliseJoy‘s #100aysofelisepeptalksmake a DONE list.” I’m a list maker anyway so this one really struck me. It’s easy to think of all of the things you need to do, or that you want to do, or even to beat yourself up for the things that you haven’t done yet. But if you stop for a minute and really think about what you have finished and make that into a list, you will feel so much better. I’m paraphrasing what Elise said in her post here, but it resonated with me, like really really resonated. (Check out her blog for and jump over to her instagram links above for a lot more inspo.)

I spent the time away from the blog doing a lot of things, but one of the things that I think is pretty interesting is that I spent time email and talking to other bloggers (or following and reading other blogs) and telling them that I missed writing and I missed this outlet, yet I still couldn’t find the drive to get back here and get going. Sometimes you need a break, sometimes something that you love so much and that you really want to do, you just have to take some space from before you can really get back into it. I tried to come back a lot sooner with a post in late May after a shorter hiatus post One Room Challenge, but I wasn’t ready yet.

So anyway, I think I’m back… I think I’ve found my voice a little more, and I am feeling inspired. Some of the coming posts will be of the catching up variety but some of them will be all new and progress reports that you’ve not been getting. I hope your still here to read through it all and offer continued support.

My Done List since I’ve been gone:

  • Finished the living room, like it’s really really done.
  • Adjusted to hubby’s new work schedule
  • Committed to a fitness class 2x/week and have actually gone and loved it every week!
  • Finished knitting a baby blanket for my dear friend’s newest little one.
  • Spent some time with said friend and met the new baby.
  • Worked my ass off.
  • Taken on a few new clients and focussed on getting their plans done and materials specified.
  • Taken a dozen naps.
  • Spent some quality time with Brantley.
  • Spent some quality time with Pat.
  • Worked out our new budget.
  • Started a “no spending” challenge at home.
  • Went on our first camping trip in over two years.
  • Enjoyed a relaxing weekend at the shore.
  • Hosted my in-laws for a night.
  • Reorganized the linen closet.
  • Cleaned countless times and remade the mess.
  • Lived.

I could go on, but I think you get the point… making a done list is so rewarding. I feel like this ‘quiet time’ around the blog hasn’t been a huge waste or isn’t time lost. I feel like it has been time well spent on a few other things. Or, well a lot of other things by the looks of the list above.

I would challenge all of you to make a done list. It feels so good, I promise! Need a prompt, What have you done in the last month? Over the holiday weekend? I’m sure you have done a lot more than you are giving yourself credit for.

If you made it all the way through this picture-less post, thank you so much for reading! Feel free to comment below and let me know if you’ve taken a time-out in any areas of your life lately. I hope this post inspires you to get back on the horse!

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Optimism, Faith, Achievement.

By nature I have always been a glass half-full type. I have general spirituality and some faith though I’m not religious per se. And my type-A qualities just love the ability to check something off the list.

Helen Keller Quote on Optimism

All that said… things have gone a little crazy lately. Crazy good though, not crazy bad! My only negative note is that I’ve been spending a lot of time on my feet, like we don’t have anything in our house to sit on (as I’m reminded daily with questions like, so when are we putting the living room back together?) and even if we did I’ve been standing, painting, chipping, scrubbing, etc., to get our living room into shape…I’m so looking forward to this home stretch over the next 7 days, just not as much as I’m looking forward to day after when I can start enjoying it (and the pedicure to follow!). More on the ORC and how I’m feeling tomorrow though (as scheduled).

When things in life get crazy for all the best reasons, or even scary and daunting reasons, I try to always look for the positive in it all. When you are living in the chaos of renovations, it’s easy to see the scary. When you are running on empty working so much, think of how you are thriving in your career! If you are lucky enough, like me, I am so passionate about what I do! Though I constantly joke I’m not saving the world, I know the benefits of a well designed space and home, so I’m doing good in my own fun way.

This quote by Helen Keller, “optimism is the faith that leads to achievement,” felt so good for this week! Being that I have a few projects that are getting planned and solidified that I’m so excited about I can envision them completed already, and that we are in the last week of progress for the ORC, it’s finally May and the unofficial start of summer will be here before we know it… there’s a lot to be optimistic about and I feel electric with excitement about where these next few weeks (or hell, just this week alone) are going to lead and the achievements that will come with it all.

Looking forward to sharing more… as well as finally posting about Napa (I know, I know, I keep teasing that I will… but it’s going to happen this week for sure!!). What are you excited and optimistic about lately? Do you have any chaos happening in your life right now that you can swing around to the side of optimism and get you to that end goal?? Do share!

Happy Wednesday!! Hope you’re enjoying the first week of May.

PS. Today’s quote is on a background of Benjamin Moore’s Jet Stream… have you noticed that for the past few weeks I’ve been using the shades of blue that we were selectin between for our living room renovation? Any guess at which shade of blue it will be?? If you’ve been following on SnapChat, you may have seen the color as it went up over the weekend or even this morning…follow along @designbykrystle! (Other opportunities to be social below. *wink, wink*)

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Decor Trend Alert | Layered Rugs

Layering rugs is a trend I’ve been seeing a lot of lately and when it’s done right, it can be stunning. I’ve been known to have actually used an area rug on a space with wall to wall carpeting to help delineate the use of a certain area, but what I’m talking about is more of a stacked effect with area rugs.

I wanted to explore the idea together and share some of the best examples i could find on the web, share why they work and then see what you think!

layered rugs, black walls, black paint, texture, pattern, pattern play, texture play, color play,

1. This layered set balances out the bold contrast between the walls and sova, while adding in ample pattern to this home office designed by Lisa Borgnes Giramonti.

layered rugs, diamond pattern, pattern play, Color and texture, design trend, decor trend, contemporary living room, mid century modern, mid mod living room,


2. Talk about pattern play. This is another great example of adding a pop of pattern into an otherwise solid space. It works well because the natural base layer rug is woven in a similar diamond pattern as the top colorful rug. Contemporary living room by Jen Talbot Design.

Layered Rug, Pattern Play, Rug Layering, Area Rugs, Bedroom, Chandelier, Natural LIght in Bedroom, Vaulted Ceilings, Layering texture, Pattern Play, Texture,

3. Another great example of adding in a secondary rug with pattern. This gorgeous light bright bedroom feels extra cozy with the double rugs under foot. This sunlit stunner of a space was designed by Ryan Street and Associates.

Layered Rugs, Color Pops, Accent Color, Pops of Blue, Pops of Yellow, Living room, Decor, Design, Decor Trend, Design Trend, Rug Pile,

4. Layering Rugs is a great way to add in a splash of color to a space as well. This boho living room, designed by Weisshouse, isn’t lacking in bold color, but the textured base rug layered with the navy top rug creates a cushiony anchor in this living room space.

Layered Rugs, Decor Trend, Modern, Transitional, Eclectic, Design Trend, Interior Design Trend, Rug Layering, Color Pop, Bringing in Color, Acrylic Table, Mod Decor

5. Speaking of color, this layered rug situation really pulls this space together. The otherwise neutral space has such great lines and details, but the bold top rug ties everything together like the cherry on top of a sundae. Transitional living room designed by Janof Architecture.

Layered Rugs, Decor Trend, Design Trend, Blue and Orange Color scheme, pattern play, textures,

6. Talk about adding some fun color to a room, this room makes me feel like a cozy warm summer day complete with Kohrs Bro’s Vanilla-Orange Swirl Frozen Custard goodness. (Did I go too far there??) I love how this room is so playful and so put together, an excellent example of how to perfectly layer rugs. Brilliant colorful living room design by CU-Interiors, bravo!

Color and Texture, Layered Decor, Layered Rugs, Area Rugs, Stacked Rugs, Sheepskin Rug, Pattern Play, Design Trend, Decor Trend

7. This rug stack starts with the pattern and color at the base and tops it with plush sheepskin goodness. You can’t get much more inviting than that. Fabulous guest room design by Heide Hendricks.

Nursery Design, Nursery Decor, Decor Trend, Design Trend, Layering Rugs, Rug Layering, Patter Play, Texture Play, Sheepskin Rug, Plush Rugs, Patterned Rugs

8. Another stunning stack of pattern/color and soft sheepskin goodness in this nursery designed by Natalie Myers. If you are starting to really like this trend but you aren’t sure if you can pull it off, go pick up a sheepskin style rug from Ikea and toss it down next to your bed (or any bed in your house) on top of the other more patterned or colorful rug that already exists there, and voila, you are a rug layering master.

Layered Rugs, Rug Layering, Carpet Layering, Layered Carpet, Living Room, Traditional Living Room, Transitional Living room

9. If sheepskin isn’t your thing but you are liking this idea, this room illustrates how you can add in a cowhide rug layer to complete your look. The neutral stack of rugs illustrated here perfectly balance out the color and texture in the tufted velvet sofa and the colorfully layered bookshelves in this living room designed by Crowell + Co Interiors.

Textured Living Room, Layered Texture, Texture Layers, Layered Rugs, Layered Area Rug, Layered Carpet, Design Trend, Decor Trend, Interior Design Trend,

10. Last but certainly not least, this room is a textured frenzy of eye candy. This room defines the perfect stacked texture. The natural jute texture to start, stacked with the cowhide, and the layered with cozy seating complete with sheepskin stools… what more could you want in your living room? Coziest living room ever designed by Sally Wheat Interiors.

Is this a trend you’ve seen yet?? If not, you can thank me later…either for introducing you to the greatest decor miracle since paint or for saving you from having to experiment with this yourself only to discover you really hate it.

If you are now thinking that rugs on rugs on rugs is your new thing, here are some tips to take away here; Start with either a textured neutral base or a bold patterned base and layer with the opposite, add an over-dyed rug on top of a neutral jute or sisal to make your space pop; play with animal hides… a layer of cowhide or sheepskin feels luxe and adds so much texture and warmth. Can’t wait to hear what you think about this fun decor trend!

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Mid Week Dreamin’

This Ralph Waldo Emerson quote is so so good. Especially when you have had the longest week ever and it’s only Wednesday.

pushed by problems, led by dreams, pushed by problems led by dreams, quote, dreams quote, problems quote, ralph waldo emerson, ralph waldo emerson quote, benjamin moore silvery blue, silvery blue, BM Silvery Blue

Anyone else, can I get a show of hands? Oh okay… it hasn’t been that bad, just busy! Lots of different moving parts over here right now. P just started a new job which we are so thrilled about! It’s always a little tricky with the transition to anything new and with a new job in particular, just the paperwork alone can make you dizzy!

Work is so so good, and like always in the spring, things are starting to pick up around here. I have a lot of fun projects that are just getting started and several that are in there end phases (which is often more frazzling than the beginning!), so it’s just a matter of keeping it all organized.

Lastly the ORC is keeping me on my toes!! I feel so motivated to get this space done (and have it be a stunning place that we can brag about to boot!), that I have been spending every minute at home tending to some detail or another with regard to the living room. I will post a full update tomorrow to show where we are at with it all and what we’ve accomplished. It looks so different already, yet I fear there is still so much to be done!!

So with all that said, whatever is on your plate, make sure that you aren’t be pushed by fear, but rather that you are following your heart and your dreams. Check in with yourself to make sure you are taking time and paying attention to whatever it is that you need. Even if what you need is just a glass (or bottle) of wine to take the edge off of a long and busy week! No judging from me!!

(Ralph Waldo Emerson quote posted on a background of Benjamin Moore’s Silvery Blue which was one of our living room wall color considerations.)

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