Champagne Thursday {Pomegranate Fizz}

Thursdays are a good day. You’ve already made it through the bulk of your week and with one more workday ahead of you, you’ll make it to the weekend! So why not break out the bubbly and celebrate? This week, I wanted to share a simple champagne cocktail recipe, that literally includes 2 ingredients… could it get any easier?!

Pom Fizz 1

What you need: Pomegranate Juice (I love Pom because it’s pure fresh pomegranate flavor, but any brand will do in a pinch), and champagne (we pulled a bottle of Chateau St Michelle from our wedding stash, because why not), dust off your favorite flutes and you are all set!Pom Fizz 2

Pom Fizz 3Pom Fizz 4Pom Fizz 5Pom Fizz 6

You can alter the proportions based on how sweet or strong you prefer your fizz, I like a 1/3 : 2/3 ratio of juice : champagne. Pour in the juice first, and then add the bubbly. That’s it–you don’t even have to stir because the bubbles in the champagne will mix it up for you!

Perfect for a girls night and easy enough for a delicious night in with your main squeeze. Whether there is something big to celebrate, or you are just happy you’ve made to Friday’s Eve.

Pom Fizz Clink

Cheers! Happy little Friday!