Nested Bedroom Reveal | ORC Week 6

Reveal week of the One Room Challenge is finally here and I’m so thrilled with how our room came together! I wish we had babies bed in the space already to be able to really show off this new space and how it will function, but as I’ve mentioned before, it’s on backorder so we are waiting.

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Other than the crib, everything is in it’s place and we love how it all came together! Take a look back at week 1 to see where we started and our original plans, and week 2 for our inspiration. I think we really nailed it here. If you want to see the space in progress, you can hop over to week 3, week 4 or week 5. But for now, let’s just focus on week 6 and the reveal!!

A few of my favorite things in the space: I love our new dresser/changing area-like everything about it; I’ve struggled with what to put over our headboard for a long time and I’m so happy with the signs I found from Feather & Birch; One of the seemingly small details that didn’t cost us a thing has made a huge impact for us in the space–hemming the closet curtains–I love how they came out and it’s so much easier to function in that space with an appropriate length there now; I could go on because I really do love how this room came together for us, but I won’t! What’s your favorite detail??

Have you hopped over to check out the host bloggers’ reveals from yesterday yet? I have to admit I’ve only had room to check out a few, but so far I LOVE what I’m seeing. One of my favorite things of this challenge is getting to week 6 and getting to see all of the stunning spaces that these insanely talented bloggers have put together. It is seriously so inspiring!! And the same goes for the guest participants too… it takes a while to get through all the posts, but let me tell you it’s worth it.

huge thank you to Linda at Calling it Home for organizing this incredible challenge once again! This is our second challenge and we are running out of rooms to work on in our tiny space, but after each challenge I love our home so much more and can’t wait to host friends to show it off! This challenge is seriously the only way I get to really do design projects on my own space and it is always such a joy when they come together. It’s so fun to be my own client!

So here’s where we ended up on the list:

  • Paint.
  • Swap the light fixture for a ceiling fan (as much as I don’t love them they are practical and we will want the circulation it will offer).
  • Refinish the floors (so they will flow with the living room).
  • Leave the moldings and radiator the hell alone!!
  • Hem the closet curtains (I like the softness of the closet opening/closing with curtains, especially with baby, but they need to be hemmed).
  • Remove the blinds layer of the window treatments and give the windows a good cleaning.
  • Steam clean the area rug.
  • Move the desk and workspace out.
  • Move the baby furniture in.
  • Add floor length mirror.
  • Accessorize!

Doesn’t that feel so good!! Thank you all for following along on this one room challenge! Hop back over to our Spring Reveal to see how the living room came together! And be sure to follow along with us on social media (links below) or here on the blog so you can see the room being updated as the crib comes in and as our life and spaces change with baby!

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Decisions & Inspiration | ORC Week 2

In cased you missed the announcement last week, we are joining in on the One Room Challenge again this season! The ORC is hosted by Linda at Calling it Home and has been running for 11 seasons now I believe. It has become a challenge that many design and decor bloggers and enthusiasts look forward to every Spring and Fall Season. The challenge is to pick one room and transform it in six short weeks. We first participated last spring with our Living Room and with baby on the way, we knew we wanted to participate this fall to get our space ready for our new arrival! Here are some inspiration spaces for our room:


(Sources, clockwise from top left: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6.)

Since last week not much has changed in our bedroom. Okay, nothing has changed. But there has been a lot of planning and brainstorming of details happening. So without further ado, here’s a look at what I’ve been up to with our space this week!

Color, or a lack thereof. The bedroom right now is green, like a really pretty jewel-tone green, but it needs to be lightened up. Though I debate painting it the moodiest of deep eggplant purples, or seriously stormy gray, for what we are doing, neutral is key. I do feel that babies can thrive in dark spaces, but, for us we are also keeping resale in the back of our mind since we won’t be painting again before we sell our place (whenever that is) this is it. Buyers are unimaginative and that is putting it nicely… so light and bright it is. And I think the change will be refreshing for us too!

Texture, texture, texture! Since we aren’t finding out the gender of Baby P, and we will all be sharing the room, in addition to keeping the colors neutral, we are using a lot of texture to add to the space. Our area rug in here is a white short pile shag carpet with a grey linear pattern, which we will keep and just steam clean to refresh. Our curtains have a great visual texture to them, they will also stay. I’m considering re-upholstering the bed though… currently it is a light tan/beige color. I’d love to have it be more in the gray/white/ivory family we are going towards, so I’m considering a white or ivory linen or velvet…or maybe charcoal… Thoughts? The bedding will pretty much stay as is (white with greige border detail, and quilted greige euros) with the introduction of some new pillows maybe… I’m thinking of maybe some of the fun lamb pillows we have in the living room.

Let there be light! I want to make sure we have enough layered lighting in the room so that if baby is sleeping and we want to read before bed, we still have the option. I’m thinking of hanging some pendants over each side of the bed for that purpose and then adding a lamp/nightlight set-up on the changing area to make sure we can see what we need to in the middle of the night. And then I just have to decide on which ceiling fan/light combo to go with. Here are the ones I’m considering (clockwise from top L, 1, 2, 3, 4.):

What do you think? I need some opinions on the fan/light situation as well as the option to either leave the headboard alone or make the change and if I change, what color/texture to go with… help!! Follow along with our progress every week here, and be sure to also hop over to the Calling it Home blog to see the other Guest and Host participant spaces. These are so great for inspiration, definitely worth the time to read through the posts!

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