Decor Trend Alert | Layered Rugs

Layering rugs is a trend I’ve been seeing a lot of lately and when it’s done right, it can be stunning. I’ve been known to have actually used an area rug on a space with wall to wall carpeting to help delineate the use of a certain area, but what I’m talking about is more of a stacked effect with area rugs.

I wanted to explore the idea together and share some of the best examples i could find on the web, share why they work and then see what you think!

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1. This layered set balances out the bold contrast between the walls and sova, while adding in ample pattern to this home office designed by Lisa Borgnes Giramonti.

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2. Talk about pattern play. This is another great example of adding a pop of pattern into an otherwise solid space. It works well because the natural base layer rug is woven in a similar diamond pattern as the top colorful rug. Contemporary living room by Jen Talbot Design.

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3. Another great example of adding in a secondary rug with pattern. This gorgeous light bright bedroom feels extra cozy with the double rugs under foot. This sunlit stunner of a space was designed by Ryan Street and Associates.

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4. Layering Rugs is a great way to add in a splash of color to a space as well. This boho living room, designed by Weisshouse, isn’t lacking in bold color, but the textured base rug layered with the navy top rug creates a cushiony anchor in this living room space.

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5. Speaking of color, this layered rug situation really pulls this space together. The otherwise neutral space has such great lines and details, but the bold top rug ties everything together like the cherry on top of a sundae. Transitional living room designed by Janof Architecture.

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6. Talk about adding some fun color to a room, this room makes me feel like a cozy warm summer day complete with Kohrs Bro’s Vanilla-Orange Swirl Frozen Custard goodness. (Did I go too far there??) I love how this room is so playful and so put together, an excellent example of how to perfectly layer rugs. Brilliant colorful living room design by CU-Interiors, bravo!

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7. This rug stack starts with the pattern and color at the base and tops it with plush sheepskin goodness. You can’t get much more inviting than that. Fabulous guest room design by Heide Hendricks.

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8. Another stunning stack of pattern/color and soft sheepskin goodness in this nursery designed by Natalie Myers. If you are starting to really like this trend but you aren’t sure if you can pull it off, go pick up a sheepskin style rug from Ikea and toss it down next to your bed (or any bed in your house) on top of the other more patterned or colorful rug that already exists there, and voila, you are a rug layering master.

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9. If sheepskin isn’t your thing but you are liking this idea, this room illustrates how you can add in a cowhide rug layer to complete your look. The neutral stack of rugs illustrated here perfectly balance out the color and texture in the tufted velvet sofa and the colorfully layered bookshelves in this living room designed by Crowell + Co Interiors.

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10. Last but certainly not least, this room is a textured frenzy of eye candy. This room defines the perfect stacked texture. The natural jute texture to start, stacked with the cowhide, and the layered with cozy seating complete with sheepskin stools… what more could you want in your living room? Coziest living room ever designed by Sally Wheat Interiors.

Is this a trend you’ve seen yet?? If not, you can thank me later…either for introducing you to the greatest decor miracle since paint or for saving you from having to experiment with this yourself only to discover you really hate it.

If you are now thinking that rugs on rugs on rugs is your new thing, here are some tips to take away here; Start with either a textured neutral base or a bold patterned base and layer with the opposite, add an over-dyed rug on top of a neutral jute or sisal to make your space pop; play with animal hides… a layer of cowhide or sheepskin feels luxe and adds so much texture and warmth. Can’t wait to hear what you think about this fun decor trend!

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New Year, Time For a Cure

I have followed along sort of mindlessly with the Apartment Therapy January Cure in the past. But I haven’t really ever participated, mostly because I didn’t want to put the effort into a home that wasn’t truly mine.

This year, however, I have signed up! I know it is a little late to the game being six days into the cure, but we are only on assignment two, so if you are interested in curing your home, click over here to sign up. They will send you the assignments via email throughout the month of January and by the time we have finished the month, your home will be in better shape for the year ahead.

I don’t know about you, but I’m so excited to get curing! I think that being involved in design, and working so hard on everyone else’s spaces (which I love so much), it is sometimes hard to bring that home. At the same time though I want the same peaceful and organized home that I preach the benefits of to my clients. Truthfully I don’t think we are that far off, but what I like about the cure is that you start at the ground (literally) and work your way through your space.

You can tackle the whole home or one specific problem area depending on the size of your place and what feels like it needs the most attention. Either way… I think it is definitely worth take a look at.

Friday was the first assignment, and though I started on Sunday, I still managed to get it done. If you get going today, you should definitely be able to catch up.

This weekend we tackled floors. The assignment was to give your floors a healthy cleaning. And being the way that I am, I left no piece of wood un-scrubbed. I found some good wood floor cleaner, got my supplies ready and then methodically worked through each space. I started with the vacuum and vacuumed up what was there. then I removed all the layers (furniture, area rugs, etc.), vacuumed again, ran the Swiffer over the floors, then got on my hands and knees with the wood cleaner and really got down to business.

I used Method Wood Floor Cleaner, a hard-bristle scrub brush (the kind you scrub your grout with) for the corners of the rooms and where the baseboard meets the floor, and a soft rag for the main areas. While going around the edges, I noticed that we had some old dried sealing around the edges of the living room and the bedroom, so instead of just noting it and moving on, I got out my putty knife and new sealant and scoured away the old, cleaned beneath what was there and re-sealed the edges.

I have to say that it was hard work to clean all the floors, especially scraping and resealing the edges. But, I feel so much better already. The condo just feels like it is in better shape already! And after all, that is the whole point. This little detail that I’ve never paid much attention to before, has been tackled and I feel like I am being a good homeowner taking good care of my investment.

Part two of the assignment was to pick up some flowers for your home. Having just preached about this on Friday, you might be surprised to learn that I failed to accomplish this part of the task. I can make all sorts of excuses for why it didn’t get done, but really the last time I was at the market, none of the flowers spoke to me and we are going out of town soon, so I passed this weekend, and I will pick some up next time.

Time to start working on the second assignment! Who’s with me?