Easy & Refreshing Margaritas

Easy Refreshing Margs_Main

These margaritas are the most delicious and easy margaritas you can make at home. I swear, if you are a fan of margs, then you need to get yourself to a store and buy these four ingredients. That’s it! Four things, three if you’re a pinch and can’t get a lime.

Recipe: Add three ounces of chilled Hornitos or other good quality agave tequila and one ounce of chilled Cointreau to your glass, next add ice and fill to top with sparkling Limeade. This Trader Joes Limeade makes mixing drinks at home the easiest thing ever, so you really need to keep a bottle in the fridge at all times. Slice a lime, and squeeze the juice of one slice into your glass, garnish with another, and enjoy.

Easy Refreshing Margs_Main 2

Try to savor it, this delicious beverage packs a punch!

5 on Friday|Ready for the Weekend!

Some weeks, the weekends are just more exciting than others.

JC Project Eats

1.This weekend, if you are in New Jersey, driving/train-ride distance to Jersey City, you should stop by! Right outside the town hall there will be LOADS of food, drinks and good times, for Project Eats Food Festival.

2. My Seattle Mariners are in town this weekend playing the Yankees, so P & I are headed out to the game on Sunday and will be clad in opposing teams’ gear. I love going to ballgames, it is always such a good time!

Also this weekend is the Nordstrom Anniversary sale. (I must’ve watched their Instagram post about it on repeat for 15 minutes yesterday.) Here are my picks:

3. Fashion Accessories: What woman doesn’t love a good handbag?! I was in a car accident back in early April, and ever since I’ve been looking for a small cross body-bag is stylish but that won’t weigh me down. These three are perfect. (Left to Right: Vince Camuto “Baily” in Roebuck, Kate Spade “Cedar Street-Monday” in Rose Jade, Rebecca Minkoff “Mini 5-Zip” in Latte.)

The second row is filled with over-sized scarves that look so cozy they’re making me itch for autumn. Classy enough to wear to work, cozy enough to nap in and perfect for jet-setting. What’s not to love? (L to R: Halogen Cashmere Travel Wrap, Halogen Brushed Floral Print Wrap, BP Geo Print Poncho.)

4. For the home, I’ve selected linens & entertaining pieces.

If you have been reading DBK for any length of time, you may already know that I am a bit of a linen snob. I love lush and decadent linens. Any of these would be great to update your master bedroom or refresh a guest bedroom. The bedding on the left is a reversible duvet set, solid either navy or grey on one side, patterned on the other, perfect to get you through the whole year! The sheet sets are simple, lux and cozy. The Creamsicle colored throw is the perfect way to add in a pop of color and texture to any bed or seating. Lastly, it’s always nice to have some decorative patterned towels to mix in with the solid ones, this option comes in a variety of colors to fit perfectly with any scheme.

In addition to my love for linens, I love to entertain. Hosting friends for anything from brunch to dinner, drinks to game night should be a treat, and with the right serving pieces, you can make prepping for any gathering less of a chore. I love these mason jar style serving pitchers, and they pair perfectly with monogrammed mason jars (with straws)! It doesn’t get much easier than topping off a pitcher and letting your guests help themselves! Copper Moscow Mule mugs make the perfect vessel for everything from it’s refreshing namesake to a hot buttered rum in the Fall, no bar cart should be without them!

5. When we aren’t busy shopping, eating, or rooting for the away team, I’m going to be perusing through our new travel books, purchased on Prime Day, they should be arriving today, and if there is one thing I love more than cozy linens and a scarf made for jet-setting, it’s layering on that scarf, crawling into that bed with a glass of wine and a travel book, dreaming about destinations afar.

What are your plans this weekend? Will you be shopping or heading out to any fairs or festivals? Or maybe just grabbing a book and heading to the beach? Whatever you are doing, I hope you get your fill and enjoy the weekend!

Red | White | Blue | Waffles

As promised (and sorry it is so late), here is our fun patriotic breakfast in honor of this past weekend!

Strawberry Blueberry Waffles 1For the 4th of July, I thought it would be fun to do a little red, white & blue breakfast, and I happened to find fresh strawberries and blueberries at the farmer’s market, so it was meant to be. I broke out the waffle maker and got to mixing!

I love blueberries mixed into waffles and pancakes, but I prefer the strawberries as a topping. If you haven’t tried roasting fruit, it’s a must-try, especially if you are entertaining. The flavor becomes very full bodied. For these strawberries, I simply cut them, sprayed them with coconut oil, mixed in some vanilla and popped them into the oven at 325 degrees. You will be able to smell when they are finished, but expect it to be around 20 minutes.

Once the waffles came out of the waffle maker, I just placed a few on plates, topped them with the roasted strawberries and voila, breakfast of champions. Such a great way to start the day. Not only is it a beautiful breakfast with all the colors, it is healthy and easy to make too!

Champagne Thursday {Pomegranate Fizz}

Thursdays are a good day. You’ve already made it through the bulk of your week and with one more workday ahead of you, you’ll make it to the weekend! So why not break out the bubbly and celebrate? This week, I wanted to share a simple champagne cocktail recipe, that literally includes 2 ingredients… could it get any easier?!

Pom Fizz 1

What you need: Pomegranate Juice (I love Pom because it’s pure fresh pomegranate flavor, but any brand will do in a pinch), and champagne (we pulled a bottle of Chateau St Michelle from our wedding stash, because why not), dust off your favorite flutes and you are all set!Pom Fizz 2

Pom Fizz 3Pom Fizz 4Pom Fizz 5Pom Fizz 6

You can alter the proportions based on how sweet or strong you prefer your fizz, I like a 1/3 : 2/3 ratio of juice : champagne. Pour in the juice first, and then add the bubbly. That’s it–you don’t even have to stir because the bubbles in the champagne will mix it up for you!

Perfect for a girls night and easy enough for a delicious night in with your main squeeze. Whether there is something big to celebrate, or you are just happy you’ve made to Friday’s Eve.

Pom Fizz Clink

Cheers! Happy little Friday!

New Dinnerware

I love to cook, but more importantly, I love to cook for people. It is so much better to prepare a meal when you are sitting down with friends to enjoy it. That said, when we were registering for wedding gifts, the dinnerware and entertaining pieces were high on my list.

The dinnerware we have been using is a hodge podge collection of things from apartments past and it was nice to work together to select something we both like and to get a full cohesive set.

One thing that I do like to do with my dinnerware is pick a scheme. What do I mean pick a scheme? Well, I don’t like to just go buy a set that the store has decided works together, but rather pick pieces from open stock that all work together, but stand alone very nicely as well.

One of the collections we immediately fell in love with was the Como Swirl. I felt it was too busy to use it for everything so we went with a basic dinner plate with a blue rim to pull the blue back in, and a solid baltic blue bowl.

The glassware is a combination as well. I like a good-sized wine glass that can be used for either red or white, so we selected the Lenox Tuscany Basics. For our everyday glasses we went with the square Strauss Glasses from C&B, and for a touch of fun and a nod back to the blues, we added the Alegre Azul Glass.

Lastly, the flatware. I wanted something with some substance to it. It is a pet peeve of mine when you pick up your flatware to eat and it is seemingly weightless. We selected ours based on style and how it felt in the hand, and ended up going with the Twist flatware. It lends to the square shape of our glassware and after using it for about a month or so now, I love it!

The way all of these pieces come together makes me very happy. They are perfect for hosting a few friends for dinner or for just the two of us. Now I just need the perfect dining table for our little eat-in space!