What You Do Makes a Difference

I often make the joke to friends and family that I’m not doing anything to save the world, but I am making it a prettier world to live in.

What You Do Makes A Difference William James Quote Motivation

Now there is nothing wrong with living in a pretty world, but this thought process and repetition can constantly discredit what you are doing. The fact is, interior designers do so much more than make homes pretty. We work hard to create an organized, clean and functional spaces for our clients — spaces in which they feel relaxed and can get cozy when they come home from their long days at work. This reduces the stress level as a homeowner, because the baseline of your home is done.

A well-designed space, public or private, makes you feel good to be in it — even if when you come home, there are dishes to do and laundry to be washed, it won’t drive you mad.

There are so many other examples of jobs that feel frivolous, you might even beat yourself up for not doing something better, but chances are, you are still making a difference. So take a minute to let that sink in and build yourself back up again, because what you do is important!

What do you do, and how do you find yourself making a difference? Have you found that having a well-structured and decorated home makes you feel good at the end of the day?

PS, the background color is Sherwin Williams “Spiced Cider,” and I LOVE the color! It is the perfect blend of warmth and color while still feeling really neutral — and it is totally making me want to grab a chai latte!!

Back To School | Top 20 Desks

It’s that time of year again. The kiddos are back to school, and if it hasn’t started already, they will surely be bringing home their schoolwork soon enough. I’ve sorted through my favorite desks that will work in a variety of spaces and will grow with your kids as their tastes change. These desks also will give them a good surface space to put a laptop, textbooks and a few other essentials.

West Elm is one of my favorite retailers, and all of these options are under $500! Click here to find more options. (Left to right, top to bottom: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6.)

Pottery Barn Teen has a few good options as well. They styles will be more traditional or transition in comparison to some of the others shared in this post. (Left to right, top to bottom: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.)

CB2 is a more modern furniture brand, and they typically cater to more urban-style living. The benefit of this is they have options that will fit into a smaller bedroom space. I love these two options, the secretary desk will allow you to hide any clutter, and the alternate simple option is leather trimmed!

Crate & Barrel is another great go-to for furniture options. I have included a few basic options, a secretary option, and a tall option that will provide good storage. My favorite of these is the basic desk with the pop of color, and for under $200, you can’t beat it! (Left to right, top to bottom: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.)

Target is always bound to have a few good options as well, here are my two favorites. (Left and right.)

So, there you go! Back to school doesn’t have to be all bad for the kids, they might just get a new desk out of the deal!