In Remembrance of Heroes

Memorial Day is the day that we honor those that not only fought for our freedoms, but lost their lives to help us gain that freedom. It is a day we stop and take a minute to think about those who did something so incredible for our country without thinking about what it would mean for them. We think about the families who had soldiers that were lost and never came home.

MM Memorial Day Heros

These soldiers are the true definition of what it means to be a hero. So while we are enjoying this extra day off on our weekends, out barbecuing and enjoying the sunshine, let’s all take a minute to remember who made it possible for us to have the awesome quality of life we all enjoy every day, but especially on this day.

Happy Memorial Day! Enjoy your BBQs and get-togethers! We are enjoying our last full day at the Jersey Shore. It has been an awesome trip, and I can’t wait to share more on it after we get home!


It’s official! We made it through all the snow and the indecisive weather of the spring to the unofficial start of summer-and I for one couldn’t be happier! This early summer period is better than the peak of summer if you ask me. The temperatures are perfect Goldilocks temps and people are excited for the season.

Beach Cottage

What are your holiday weekend plans? We are hitting the beach! P is turning the big 3-0 next weekend so I rented us a little beach cottage on the Jersey Shore for this weekend as a little surprise for him, I already told him we are going, but I don’t think it has hit him that we are going to be 1 blocks from sand between our toes and wading in the waves.

Our plans are that simple… drive to the shore, unload the car and commence relaxing.

Seafood Inspo from Bon Appetit!

For our meals, I have worked out a simple menu and packed only fruits, veggies, burgers, dogs and snacks. We will be hitting up the local seafood market to pick up the fresh catch for our daily dinners and I’m salivating just thinking about it. There is a grill at the cottage that will be heavily utilized.


For our fun, there will be walks on the boardwalk, lounging in the sand, possible lawn games and potentially even some bike riding if I can convince P.

MDW2015 Wardrobe

Our bags are packed, the car is loaded and I just have to make it through 5 more hours of work before we hit the road! I’m not excited for the traffic, but I am excited for what awaits us on the end!


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