Paint and A Table|ORC F2017-p5

Welcome to week 5 of our One Room Challenge. The Challenge where only the craziest design and decor bloggers participate in the amazing link party that is the One Room Challenge created by Linda of Calling It Home. The host bloggers post on Wednesdays, check their updates here, and the guests post on Thursdays, check their updates here.

This week we did a lot more painting. And by we I mean I… and boy am I tired!! The cabinet doors all came off and got placed all over the kitchen floor, sort of like real life Tetris, and then I proceeded to paint them all.


I used Annie Sloan Chalkpaint in Graphite… the first coat went on really weird, like I was nervous my ORC was going to be shut down in an instant, but then, they dried and it worked. It was almost as if the first coat was a primer of sorts. Then the second coat went on and I instantly turned into an heart-eyed emoji. Like WHOA these dark gray doors are perfect!!

After the second coat, I painted the cabinet boxes. (I only did the exposed bits–cabinet face, filler strips and end pieces, as well as the front ledge of the shelves) and I literally just said to Pat tonight that they look really good. Anyway, two coats on the cabinet boxes, and then two coats on the back of the cabinet doors.

NOTE: to any of you feeling super inspired and about to go take off all your cabinet doors and prep them for paint, two things: 1., chalk paint will require 2 coats (3 with the wax), but it’s less tools and less prep work than regular paint; 2., please do yourself a favor and paint the back of the doors first!! you will scuff the fronts and need to do touch ups if you don’t. Just trust me on this.

So, once all the doors and boxes had all the paint on them, we put the doors back on the wall.

Our beautiful table was delivered Tuesday (by my amazing mom and handy-dad), along with a floating wall shelf which we installed SUPER late on Tuesday. But guys, my table is here. I designed it like 2 years ago, worked on it and smoothed over the details, and it is finally built and in my kitchen and it is so AMAZING!! I’m in love.


Eleanor’s new chair was also delivered, along with some fabric that I’m waiting for the reveal to share. The new cabinet hardware is supposed to be here today or tomorrow so that can be installed this weekend after I do the wax coat on the cabinets. Then I have the last little details to pull together and then photos!

Here’s a look at the list:

  • Prime the walls
  • Paint the walls
  • Paint the cabinets
  • Paint the molding and details
  • Declutter and organize overall
  • Add a main wall shelf
  • (Finally) build my custom table (that I designed almost 2 years ago…)
  • Add some drawer storage (We don’t have a single drawer in our kitchen. Not one.)–ok–we found a solution for this but it’s going to require a lot more customization. We are getting a drawer but not for a few more weeks so it is officially removed from our ORC list.
  • Buy new cabinet hardware
  • Install cabinet hardware
  • Find seating
  • Make and Install Valance
  • Sewing projects…
  • Clean
  • Photograph


Basically, we are right there! Two weeks out, and a handful of little things and some larger upholstery things left to do…I’m feeling really great about this project!

Side note, Eleanor got to sit in her new chair at her new table and eat dinner tonight. It was perfect!! This is the whole reason I decided to tackle the space, so if nothing else except cleaning happened, I’d still be so happy!

Be sure to follow along on Social Media! I try to post updates on Facebook and Instagram, and follow along with our IG stories to see between-post progress on the kitchen (and life in general)!!

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