Kitchen Progress|ORC Fall 2017 p3

Here we are at the halfway point of the One Room Challenge! The what? You may be wondering what in the world I’m talking about… this is the biannual design link-up that takes over all decor and design bloggers lives for 6 weeks in the spring and fall. We all race through the 6 weeks to complete a room in our home (or a client/friend/family space) and have a stunning result to wow the internet and use for social media envy until the next ORC kicks up.

In the past, I have completed our living room and bedroom (and then disappeared for a year), and now I’m back to complete our kitchen, which is really the last space in our tiny condo to need updating.

So without further ado, here is a look at what ‘progress’ we’ve made so far (which sort of feels like a joke).


The table plans were further broken down, and laid out to make a cut sheet, get all the sizes finalized, etc., and a trip to Home Depot was made with my step dad to purchase all materials. I got these pictures on Tuesday night of our table as it is now, and I am so in love!!

I have worked on re-organizing and sorting through the rest of the kitchen to better store away some things and get rid of others. Trips to all sorts of donation places ensued. The bakers rack shelving and the dining table have been sold and will be picked up this weekend.

The cabinet handles have been removed and measured.

Stools have been ordered and a little chair for E has been ordered as well.

Paint has been purchased.

SO, here’s the plan going forward (I’m not even going to bother with sharing the updated list.. maybe next week):

This weekend, I want to remove and clean all of the cabinet doors, then get them painted. The guy at the shop told me we need to do two coats of paint and then at least two coats of wax, so I’m thinking I can tackle at least the two coats of paint on everything over the weekend.

During P’s late nights next week I’ll finish whatever I can for the cabinets after E goes to sleep so that next week hopefully I can share finished cabinets!

*If* I can get the cabinets all done, then I will move onto tackling the walls. With the hot pink stripes, I will definitely need to prime and then do at least one coat of paint. I might need to do two coats of primer… so we will see how that goes. If I’m lucky and E naps well, I may be able to get the cabinets done and the primer coat on the wall for next week. So that is all in between this week and the week 4 post.

Between weeks 4 and 5, I’d like to finish all painting at all cost, make sure everything is dry and looking good so that I don’t have to worry about that before the reveal, and then I can focus on putting the hardware on, moving the table in and styling everything for photos.

So, okay… not too bad. When I sat down to type this post, I was starting to get nervous about how much we haven’t done yet for this space, but after breaking down my plan, I think we can get through this after all!! *phew*


Don’t forget that everyone participating updates on Wednesdays and Thursdays so be sure to hop over to the Calling It Home Blog to check it all out. Good luck to everyone participating!!

Be sure to follow along on Social Media! I try to post updates on Facebook and Instagram, and follow along with our IG stories to see between-post progress on the kitchen (and life in general)!!

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