Furniture & Drapes | ORC Week 5

Welcome to our week 5 update of the One Room Challenge! If you are just jumping in, the ORC is a design challenge hosted by Linda at Calling It Home, where on the 6th week, we all get to wake up to insane design inspo by the 20 host bloggers and the countless guest participant bloggers that have all transformed one room completely! It’s the best make-over challenge online, IMHO.

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This is our second time participating… last spring we did the living room and now we are doing the bedroom! Catch up on Week 1, Week 2, Week 3 and Week 4 to see our jumping off point, plans and progress up to now! So what have we been up to this week?

Last week I mentioned finding the West Elm Outlet near my parents’ new place in PA and purchasing a dresser…well this week we brought that baby home, and oh boy is she a beaut! The initial concept was to go white on the dresser since we are in such a small space (that will soon be taken over by baby P), but when we found this walnut beauty we were both impressed by how much we loved the look. Upon looking back at my inspiration board, I realized all the rooms I saved had a mix of whites and warm wood tones, and in our space, we have white curtains enclosing the closet, a white and gray area rug, white bed linens, etc., so the warmth of the wood just felt like a good choice. I’m so so glad we scooped up this steal at the outlet, it looks seriously so good in the space!

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In addition to getting this new piece in place, we also shampooed the area rug, which helped, but I think I’d still like to run a cleaner over it once or twice more… Then we moved back in our art, re-hung the drapes at the window (the wall color and the colors in the curtains were like made for each other–they are perfection) and shimmied the bed back into place! (No more floor sleeping for this mama to be!!)


Lastly, one of the things that has always bothered me in our room are the curtain panels that hang over the closet wall… they are way too long. They were cheap-o IKEA panels we bought to just finish off the closet. I think I got all four panels for $10. So this week I finally measured and pinned them all up. The pinning alone took me about 4 hours, but then I sewed them in 30 minutes once I had them all pinned. Then I trimmed the waste material, pressed them, and popped them back on the curtain rod. The length is perfect!! I’m so happy with how these turned out for 10 bucks and 4.5 hours, I wish I’d done them years ago–but that’s the beauty of the ORC!

So with all that said and done, we still have a little ways to go… here’s a look at our list:

  • Paint.
  • Swap the light fixture for a ceiling fan (as much as I don’t love them they are practical and we will want the circulation it will offer).
  • Refinish the floors (so they will flow with the living room).
  • Leave the moldings and radiator the hell alone!!
  • Hem the closet curtains (I like the softness of the closet opening/closing with curtains, especially with baby, but they need to be hemmed).
  • Remove the blinds layer of the window treatments and give the windows a good cleaning.
  • Steam clean the area rug.
  • Move the desk and workspace out.
  • Move the baby furniture in.
  • Add floor length mirror.
  • Accessorize!

We attempted the lighting install this past week as well, but it didn’t go so well, so we have an appointment with an electrician to come save our marriage the day next week. My sister also came into town over the weekend and I pulled her along to IKEA to get the floor length mirror for the space, so that’s in the room, just waiting to be built.. and lastly, all the accessories I purchased have arrived and are just waiting to be put into place!


We are in great shape with everything. The only thing that will be missing from our reveal will be the crib, but as I mentioned, the crib is backordered and we opted to wait for it… so it is what it is on that and we are okay with it. Plus when my parents were packing up to move, they found the cradle that my great grandpa built for me when I was a baby so we have that to build this weekend as well. It needs a little TLC, after I won’t mention how many years in storage, but it will work well for us!

So that’s the update for this week! Have you been following along on the ORC with anyone else? Who’s space are you most excited to see revealed next week? There are some really fun laundry rooms in progress, a dining room I’ve been watching and a few other bloggers I follow along with that I can’t wait to see their final space! Be sure to use all the links above to hop over and follow along! Here’s an extra to the Calling it Home blog just so you don’t miss anything!

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