Hope + Confidence

Last Wednesday, I shared a quote from Helen Keller about optimism, and today I wanted to share the second part of that same quote.

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“Nothing can be done without hope and confidence.” Sage advice from Ms. Keller, on a background of Jet Stream. Seriously though, nothing really can be done without these key ingredients. You have to have enough confidence to move forward and enough hope to dive in, even when you think it might not work or you might not make it.

It’s the perfect recipe for accomplishment. I love it.

What are you trying to accomplish this week? We were trying to get our ORC done for tomorrow’s big reveal and I cannot wait to share… be sure to check back tomorrow so you don’t miss it!

Other than that, I’m confidently hoping for a few of my large projects to continue trodding along smoothly. Things have been going really well and I’d like to keep them that way. Hope all is well with you and your endeavors too!

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