We’re Not Gonna Make It | ORC Week 5

Welcome to week five of our One Room Challenge, where we are guest participating in a challenge to transform a room in 6 (or really 5) short weeks! If you missed our previous posts, see what our room looked like before and our plans/progress up to this point here.

It’s the home stretch as they say, our list is still long with lots of things remaining to be done. Throughout this process I have had several flashes of anxiety along with the thought that we’re not gonna make it in time for the deadline, but I’ve pushed through anyway, and with gusto. 

This past weekend P was out of town, so I bribed one of our neighbors to come and help paint in exchange for sharing take-out and a bottle of wine from my Napa trip. Let’s just say, not only did we get the walls done, but we also painted the ceiling! We went with option 3 from he swatches, which is Benjamin Moore’s Jet Stream, and even though I really had a difficult time deciding on the color, I love it! 

Monday the floors were refinished and that meant that we stayed elsewhere until last night. So from P’s perspective, he left for his weekend trip, there was still furniture in the living room, the walls were barely primed, etc., etc., and now he’s home to a freshly painted room with gorgeous new floors! I think he is starting to see the new space! Even for me though, having moved the furniture out and being responsible for the painted space, coming home to the floors makes a HUGE difference-my excitement to finish this room has been renewed!!

So, from a visual perspective, we crossed 2 things of the list this week… We still have a long way to go. Lighting is scheduled to go in tomorrow and I have the day off to cut and prep moldings for installation, so I think we might just make it. The only thing is the window treatments. I had told the company I needed them installed by May 10th, and I found out Tuesday they are shipping on May 10th instead of arrivin on May 10th and transit time is 3 days. That puts us at Friday the 13th best case scenario. I looked into expedited shipping but it’s not worth the additional expense, so just a heads up, the room won’t really be DONE next week unless the ORC shipping Gods are shining down on us. 

Here’s a look at our list:

  • Remove old moldings
  • Install new moldings
  • Light fixture/ceiling medallion
  • Radiator-clean up
  • Paint radiator
  • Re-Hang Gallery Wall
  • DIY Art Project
  • Refinish Wood Floors
  • Prime walls
  • Paint
  • Window Treatments

That said, With or without the window treatments though, the room will feel so different that we will be okay for the reveal anyway.  Our living room has come such a long way with the changes that we did make (and have scheduled over the next few days) in the space so I’m still going to post pictures in full reveal mode, all spruced up and pretty, and it is still going to be fabulous. (And then maybe you’ll all come back the following week to see the final final living room complete with window treatments.)

Don’t forget to hop over to the Calling It Home Blog and check out yesterday’s post for the ORC hosts’ progress, and then today’s post for the other guests’ progress too! I hope you are having as much fun following along as we are!!

PS, I wrote this post entirely from the iPad since my desk is currently buried behind everything we had to move out of the living room. I wish I was joking… But, this too shall pass… And if you see any post errors on this one, please let me know!!