Optimism, Faith, Achievement.

By nature I have always been a glass half-full type. I have general spirituality and some faith though I’m not religious per se. And my type-A qualities just love the ability to check something off the list.

Helen Keller Quote on Optimism

All that said… things have gone a little crazy lately. Crazy good though, not crazy bad! My only negative note is that I’ve been spending a lot of time on my feet, like we don’t have anything in our house to sit on (as I’m reminded daily with questions like, so when are we putting the living room back together?) and even if we did I’ve been standing, painting, chipping, scrubbing, etc., to get our living room into shape…I’m so looking forward to this home stretch over the next 7 days, just not as much as I’m looking forward to day after when I can start enjoying it (and the pedicure to follow!). More on the ORC and how I’m feeling tomorrow though (as scheduled).

When things in life get crazy for all the best reasons, or even scary and daunting reasons, I try to always look for the positive in it all. When you are living in the chaos of renovations, it’s easy to see the scary. When you are running on empty working so much, think of how you are thriving in your career! If you are lucky enough, like me, I am so passionate about what I do! Though I constantly joke I’m not saving the world, I know the benefits of a well designed space and home, so I’m doing good in my own fun way.

This quote by Helen Keller, “optimism is the faith that leads to achievement,” felt so good for this week! Being that I have a few projects that are getting planned and solidified that I’m so excited about I can envision them completed already, and that we are in the last week of progress for the ORC, it’s finally May and the unofficial start of summer will be here before we know it… there’s a lot to be optimistic about and I feel electric with excitement about where these next few weeks (or hell, just this week alone) are going to lead and the achievements that will come with it all.

Looking forward to sharing more… as well as finally posting about Napa (I know, I know, I keep teasing that I will… but it’s going to happen this week for sure!!). What are you excited and optimistic about lately? Do you have any chaos happening in your life right now that you can swing around to the side of optimism and get you to that end goal?? Do share!

Happy Wednesday!! Hope you’re enjoying the first week of May.

PS. Today’s quote is on a background of Benjamin Moore’s Jet Stream… have you noticed that for the past few weeks I’ve been using the shades of blue that we were selectin between for our living room renovation? Any guess at which shade of blue it will be?? If you’ve been following on SnapChat, you may have seen the color as it went up over the weekend or even this morning…follow along @designbykrystle! (Other opportunities to be social below. *wink, wink*)

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