Out With the Old | ORC Week 4

Welcome to week four of our One Room Challenge, where we are guest participating in a challenge to transform a room in 6 (or really 5) short weeks! If you missed our previous posts, see what our room looked like before and our plans/progress up to this point here.

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Basically this week we spent making a lot of decisions, which is no small feat! Visually the biggest change is that the navy is gone. No more New York State of Mind for us!

The last of the trim is gone, the radiator and sills are as stripped and smooth as they are going to get! And the walls are primed. That is what we did physically in the room this week!

From a materials decisions/orders standpoint, we ordered the light fixture and ceiling medallion (both shipped and hopefully will go in before the next post), we had the measure appointment for the window treatments and selected our fabrics (I’ll leave it a mystery on which way we went for now) and placed our order (they should be installed just in the nick of time!), we decided on what to definitely keep in the room furniture wise and I ordered a little surprise detail to add a visual pop. We also made some decisions for now to keep the doors and door hardware, and instead of the radiator cover, since we can see down to the actual unit now (and it’s kinda charming) we are going to just apply one fresh coat of paint to it.

This weekend, P will be out of town for a friend’s bachelor party (lucky for him), so I will be focussing on finishing the radiator and window sills, getting the color on the wall, and maybe framing out the windows with their new trim. The other trim can’t go in until the floors are done. Flooring is scheduled for Monday and then we have to be out of the condo until Thursday essentially, so you may not see a lot of progress on next week’s post, but never the less I’m so excited that the floors are getting done and that it is all getting done right!! Oh and maybe I will have time to work on my DIY art project for the gallery wall while we are locked out of the house… interesting!!

Here’s a look at our list:

  • Remove old moldings
  • Install new moldings
  • Light fixture/ceiling medallion
  • Radiator-clean up and/or cover
  • Paint radiator
  • Re-Hang Gallery Wall
  • DIY Art Project
  • Refinish Wood Floors
  • Prime walls
  • Paint
  • Window Treatments

It doesn’t feel like we have that much done on the list yet, but I feel like we have so much more done this week. The room being primed alone makes such a huge difference already. The room feels so much larger, but being that stark white primer color is very unflattering… I can’t wait to get the new blue up on the walls and for the space to feel cozy again.

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This weekend and the next week are going to be busy! I’ve been snapchatting a lot of my behind the scenes as well, so make sure to follow along there (designbykrystle). And of course, don’t forget to check out what the 20 design hosts are doing and hop over to the Calling It Home blog for the guest participant link up to see what everyone else has been doing this week in their ORC!!

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