Mid Week Dreamin’

This Ralph Waldo Emerson quote is so so good. Especially when you have had the longest week ever and it’s only Wednesday.

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Anyone else, can I get a show of hands? Oh okay… it hasn’t been that bad, just busy! Lots of different moving parts over here right now. P just started a new job which we are so thrilled about! It’s always a little tricky with the transition to anything new and with a new job in particular, just the paperwork alone can make you dizzy!

Work is so so good, and like always in the spring, things are starting to pick up around here. I have a lot of fun projects that are just getting started and several that are in there end phases (which is often more frazzling than the beginning!), so it’s just a matter of keeping it all organized.

Lastly the ORC is keeping me on my toes!! I feel so motivated to get this space done (and have it be a stunning place that we can brag about to boot!), that I have been spending every minute at home tending to some detail or another with regard to the living room. I will post a full update tomorrow to show where we are at with it all and what we’ve accomplished. It looks so different already, yet I fear there is still so much to be done!!

So with all that said, whatever is on your plate, make sure that you aren’t be pushed by fear, but rather that you are following your heart and your dreams. Check in with yourself to make sure you are taking time and paying attention to whatever it is that you need. Even if what you need is just a glass (or bottle) of wine to take the edge off of a long and busy week! No judging from me!!

(Ralph Waldo Emerson quote posted on a background of Benjamin Moore’s Silvery Blue which was one of our living room wall color considerations.)

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