Harmony, Purpose and Form

I have written a lot about the balance of form and function in design (here), they are both so important, and the balance of these elements in a space is crucial to a successful design. Sometimes I wish it were just as easy to break down and create this harmony in other areas of life!

alvar aalto harmony quote

This quote by Alvar Aalto was an architect, designer, product designer, etc., that was no stranger to creating this lovely relationship in his spaces. (See a few of them here.) It’s rare to find a architect with such a great understanding of not only the exterior space and form of the building/home, but also with such awareness in how it relates to the interior function of a space. Mr. Aalto puts it well when comparing this balance to something that is truly beautiful, “beauty is the harmony of purpose and form,” shown above on Benjamin Moore’s Cream Puff pink.

This color family is another thing I’ve spent a lot of time talking about… the pale pink/nudes that are subtle enough you can convince hubby to paint the master suite pink… he might not even know it’s pink if you don’t tell him!!

Anyway, I love dreaming of pinks color stories for when we have a bigger space, and I love dreaming up ways to create the perfect balance and harmony for my clients in their homes.

In life, this weekend was about juggling friendships! We celebrated a dear friend for her bridal shower on Saturday afternoon in upstate New York, and then I drove to CT to help out another very dear friend and we had a sleepover (mani’s and pedi’s included!). Come Sunday I was home with Hubby for a day filled with quality time, dog walking, shopping, and good eats…the weekend was so full, and I wasn’t even mad about getting up and getting to work this morning… So what! It’s Monday… let’s create a better harmony between our relationships with work and with life so that we don’t dread every Monday!

This week is going to be a great one! What do you have planned for your week? Did you have a fun filled weekend?? Are you good at creating harmony as Mr. Aalto suggests? Do tell! Happy Monday Friends!

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