Just Say No

There are plenty of things we grow up knowing we should “just say no” to, but when it comes to life, there are often things we should say no to, but we keep saying yes.

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There is a theory out there and a group of people that are “yes people” and that sounds great for some. To be able to live life’s adventures just finding things to say yes to all the time, sounds fantastic! And by all means the point of this post is not to say no to the fun and the adventures. It is in fact to make more time for those good things.

So what is my point? It’s all about balance. If you are like me at all, you want to please people. For me that includes my clients, my colleagues, my family and my friends. I often end up putting myself at the bottom of that list.

But the reality is, if I don’t start saying no to some things, and putting myself as a priority, the things I put first (and second and third) will suffer as my energy, focus, etc., deteriorates. It is so important to not just find a good balance, but to create a good balance in our lives. As Steve Jobs put it (on Benjamin Moore’s Mt. Rainier Gray background), “It’s only by saying no that you can concentrate on the things that are really important.”

So, that is what I’ve been working on… work, life and balance. I’ve been learning to say no to the things that aren’t important and to making myself and the things that make me happy a bigger priority. How do you keep this balance for yourself? (I need all the tips I can get!)

In other news, we finished KonMari-ing this weekend, so I can’t wait to share more on that! And in the month of February I finished like half a dozen books that I want to do a round up of as well. Lots to share in the coming week and I’m planning to make the time to actually share it all too!

How was everyone’s weekend? What are you making a priority of these days?

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