Kicking Off 30.

This weekend is my thirtieth birthday (the BIG 3-0) and, thanks to my amazing hubby, we are going to celebrate like crazy and kick off this next decade with a bang!

I had expressed to P probably just after my 29th birthday that there better be something in the works for my 30th. I didn’t plan to let the decade wash over me with the sorrows of getting old. I want to live it up and celebrate not only the past 29 years but celebrate what this next chapter and phase will be!

P didn’t miss a beat. He planned and planned for I don’t know how long, but I do know that he went so far as to email my boss to get me time off of work, he coordinated airfare and a hotel and I truly cannot wait to see what else he has in store for this weekend. For now, I know we are heading to Las Vegas, Baby!


We have been to Vegas before, together, and I just know it is going to be a riot!

We leave tonight at 5:30, and with the time change I might be feeling like I’m turning 80 when we get off the plane, but we will do our best to adjust asap to the time.

Tomorrow, we will explore, maybe gamble a little and do dinner and a show. Sunday is my actual birthday. One part of me wants to wake up a dawn and find somewhere to do sunrise yoga, and the other wants to sleep for as long as possible. What I know for sure about Sunday night is that I will be on the dance floor with the celebrations in full swing! One of my goals was to dance like I did a decade ago while I was ringing in my 20’s at my apartment with my closest girl-friends.

One of my goals is to soak up the time away with some poolside relaxation. It won’t really be warm enough to lay out in our suits, but I need at least one poolside drink, it’s a must! And I would like to read some of my Life-Changing Magic book that I got in my stocking. Let’s be real here, this year I want some simplicity. It can’t all be running and partying and going non stop. Some of it has to be taken in with sunrise yoga and lounging with a book.

Have you been to Las Vegas? What recommendations do you have for must see/do things and must eat restaurants? Anything we should avoid??

I am so looking forward to this mini getaway with my hubby and celebrating my birthday with him. I’m a lucky lucky girl!

What did you do (or are you planning to do) to ring in your next BIG birthday??

As always, I will be sharing (probably over-sharing) all the fun adventures on Instagram & Snapchat (@designbykrystle), so feel free to follow along! We will be back late on Tuesday, so I will try to get a recap out at some point next week! Happy Weekend Friends!

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