Clothes vs Costumes

I can’t believe Halloween is upon us already! But that is the way with time. It just keeps going whether we like it or not.

Mason Cooley Clothes make a statement costumes tell a story quote motivation monday halloween

I found this fun quote and thought it would be perfect for Halloween week! When you get ready in the mornings are you putting on a costume or are you putting on clothes? Do you wish you were dressing differently for a job or purpose that you currently aren’t in?

Sometimes it’s fun to change the hat that you are wearing (or in this context the whole ensemble) and dress up for the job that you want, or just dress up for the fun you want to be having.

Are you dressing up for Halloween? I can’t wait to hear what costumes everyone will be wearing!!

Graphic on a background of Pitch Black by Farrow & Ball.

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2 thoughts on “Clothes vs Costumes

  1. Not a fan of Halloween for unknown reasons, but you know I am all about personal style. I definitely have to put on clothes for work right now, and that’s part of the problem. Some days, a girl needs a dress and pearls, or cashmere or silk…


  2. First – love that you always provide a color name and background and that you change it up to fit the weather/theme/mood/holiday!

    Second – I love the added – let’s be social on every post! There is more than one way to get a job done!

    Finally – I put on clothes – but I think the clothes fit what/who I really want to be/am. What are you going to be for Halloween? “The Balm” and what? g


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