A Word Of Advice From Judy Blume

The word exhausted doesn’t even begin to describe how I feel right now. But I’ve always been of the mindset that being busy is good.

But being so busy you feel crazy doesn’t often feel good, but it is so much better than having absolutely no work to be done and crying because you are bored and without work. So, I am in no way complaining, I’m just feeling a little tired is all.

Judy Blume on Benjamin Moore Caramel Latte

All that said, I found this word of advice from Judy Blume and I thought it was absolutely perfect for how I’ve been feeling these last few days. “Stay aware, listen carefully, and yell for help if you need it.” Well Judy, My ears are perked, I’m paying attention, and I’m just about ready to yell for help!!

In all reality though, things are going so well. I might be getting less sleep these days, but it is all for good reasons. I have a handful of amazing projects in the works right now and I’m excited to see them all come together. Fortunately for me, I really do feel passionately about what I do. Another thing that I’m thankful for? People to yell to for help when the load gets to heavy. A good support system is so key! Now if I could just get to yoga…

I know I owe you all an announcement on who won the Appleton Wrap Dress contest, but I haven’t had a minute to determine a winner yet, so just know that the contest is closed and I will announce a winner later on tonight or in tomorrow’s post, and I appreciate you baring with me on this one!

How was your weekend? Did you do anything fun? Or were you fortunate enough as I am to be bogged down with getting work done? Tell me what you’re up to!

(Quote shared on Benjamin Moore’s Caramel Latte, this color is perfect for fall!)

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