Cashmerette’s Appleton Dress | The Joys of Having a Mom Who Sews |Contest

Many of you know, and some of you don’t, that my mama is a sewing blogger. She has been sewing for my whole life and probably longer, and has been blogging for at least a decade over at GMarieSews.

Cashmerette Appleton Wrap Dress

When I was little, my mom made us clothes until we got to that middle school or high school age where it became so embarassing to not have the same style/type/brand of clothes that everyone else had. So I missed out on hand made goodies for a good stretch of time, but in the last several years, my mom-made wardrobe has been increasing.

When we were back in Seattle visiting over the summer, my mom had me try on a few things she had been working on and I came home with not one, but two(!) Appleton Wrap Dresses! If you are well immersed in the sewing blogging world, then you are likely familiar with Cashmerette and her fabulous and fun blog, that is fun to read even if you don’t sew. She just launched her first pattern, the Appleton Dress, and I am so glad that I got to be one of the first to be wearing it!

Of all of the things I have that are mom-made, I don’t think that I have received more compliments than I have on these dresses. I love how they fit and they are quite flattering where the wrap hits. I don’t know much about sewing and all the things that the sewing blogosphere looks for in a pattern (you can head over to GMarie’s blog for info on the pattern and process), but I can tell you that this pattern is so easy to wear and from what I’ve seen so far from Cashmerette and all the people who’ve sewn it up already, the Appleton wrap looks good in so many different patterns and styles! (Jenny even has a little mood board for inspiration over on her page.) Of my two prints in this dress, I love the versatility. The dress easily goes from brunch on the weekends to work on the weekdays, On Monday I wore the graphic print with a pale pink blazer to a client presentation to look a bit more professional. I can’t say enough good things about wearing this dress.

It’s times like these that I wish the things my mom has made for me were available off the racks so that everyone I knew could go buy the dress! The good news, though, if you or anyone else in your life is a sewer, get excited because I’ve teamed up with GMarie to give away a digital pattern for the Appleton Wrap dress! All you have to do to enter is follow DBK on Bloglovin and leave a comment on this post letting me know if you sew and what types of projects are your favorite to work on? When I do sew, I work on home dec types of things, but i haven’t made a thing requiring sewing in years! I have a few projects on my list though!

What projects inspire you to begin a new craft or hobby? Are you a secret fashionista desperate to start sewing?? Cashmerette and GMarie are two great bloggers to follow if so, and through them you will be linked over to many, I have a few more favorites, but I won’t bore you.

This contest is not sponsored, simply inspired by this sweet dress and made possible by the support of Jenny, who has agreed so generously to donate the digital pattern, and my mama, who whipped up these beauties. Please make sure you do leave a comment below with your contact info so that we can get in touch with the winner. Contest closes Sunday night at 11:59pm Eastern, winner will be announced on Monday morning, so check back to see who wins!

18 thoughts on “Cashmerette’s Appleton Dress | The Joys of Having a Mom Who Sews |Contest

  1. I learned to sew while I was little, but only started sewing as an adult about 2 years ago. Though I primarily enjoy sewing clothes for myself, quilting has piqued my interest in the last few months!


  2. I love how those dresses turned out! So flattering! My favorite things to sew are usually clothes for my niece/nephew and other friends’ kids!


  3. You look great in your dresses, Krystle! Your Mama makes such lovely things! I, too, love sewing for my adult daughters, and would like to give the Appleton dress a try. Happy to add you to my Bloglovin feed!


  4. I’d love to win the pattern. I’ve never made a wrap dress before but am inspired by the two lovely dresses your mom made! Lately I’ve mostly sewn for others and am inspired to create a wrap dress for myself.


    • Well – since she can’t figure out how to sit down with her East Coast Momma and learn – I was thinking maybe she could reach out to the NJ sewing gals, GingerSews, Oona, etc and see if any of them would be willing to sit down with her.


  5. I already bought the pattern but I wouldn’t mind entering anyway if I could give the pattern to a friend. Gmarie is the best and I am so envious of your mama made clothes! And the socks! They are beautiful dresses – you look lovely!


  6. I sew and I don’t know that I have a favorite. I make quilts, bags, slipcovers and home decor items, and clothes. My children love when I sew for them, so maybe that is my favorite.


  7. I’d love to win the pattern. I don’t know that I can say my “favorite” thing to sew now is knit clothes, but that is what I’m focusing on. I hope to improve my sewing & fitting skills in knits.


  8. Its so nice to see this on a person – and to see how much you like it. Mine just arrived, so don’t include me in the drawing. I will sew one for my daughter, too 🙂


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