MM | Make Them Happy

Vacation has come to a screeching end, and the grind slapped me in the face almost as soon as we de-planed. The cool thing is I am finally really in love with what I am doing. Even when it is challenging and frustrating — with long hours, stressful deadlines and you name it — the underlying emotion is still elation that I have my dream job.


In addition to having my dream job, I am a huge people-pleaser. There is nothing I love more than keeping everyone around me as happy as possible. It was recently pointed out to me that this is also one of my biggest faults, but it is also one of the things that makes me successful in what I do.

I found this quote, and it couldn’t be more perfect for me coming back from vacation and getting my hustle on. Design really is about making people happy by creating a better aesthetic, creating more functionality of their space and giving them an emotional connection to their home. That is why I love what I do so much! I have often joked that I’m not saving the world but making it a prettier world to live in. There is some saving going on in there, but it is more closely linked to each client and their world. There is nothing better than coming home to a space that really makes you feel at ease.

What makes you feel happy within your home? My favorite part about coming home from vacation? Sleeping in my own bed… so peaceful! Now to survive this hectic week of catch-up, big project install deadlines and menu planning.

Happy Monday!

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