Wishbones + Backbones

This quote is so good, and by an author I really admire, Elizabeth Gilbert, I just had to share.

Attachment-1 (1)

You have to stiffen your spine, stand tall and go for it. Whatever your “it” may be, nobody else is going to make your dreams come true; you are the one who is fighting for you. Even if praying and breaking wishbones are part of your ritual, there is always more you can do to help yourself flourish.

Trust yourself, your gut, His plan, whatever and make it happen!

With relation to design and home, I love this as well, but it is a little bit more abstract. You can hope and dream for the perfect home and the perfect lifestyle, but you are ultimately responsible for achieving whatever your version of the perfect home is. Make a plan to actualize your dreams, whether it’s planning to move to a town you’ve always loved, finally taking steps to open up your kitchen or committing to invest in art you love, there are so many little things you can do to find your dream house around the world or even make your current house feel a little bit more like your dream home.

Happy Monday, planners and dreamers!

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