Weekend Happenings

This week has been long and sleepless. It has been so good, but it has also been a little trying. I had a big fun project that is really starting to take shape this week (and taking sleep), and all the efforts really are oh-so worth it. Work at the office has also been very busy. This season is typically busy for us, but this week has felt especially hectic.

Brantley Bub July 2015

Our Brantley is feeling a little under the weather, and we took him to the vet today. He lost a little bit of weight, but I think it may just be normal weight fluctuation of a few pounds up and down. He had a little fever, and after a week of diarrhea they are running some tests to see what exactly is going on, but for now we have started him on some antibiotics to help get him back to normal. We should know more tomorrow, but it appears he has a little parasite.

All that said and done, I am ready to get home, change into some comfy clothes, poor a glass of wine and snuggle with my boys. This weekend, I’m hoping (but not holding myself to) to finish some little organizing projects around the house and organize some pictures for the blog. But mainly, I have one client pit stop to make tomorrow after I leave the showroom, and then once I park my car in Jersey City, I don’t want to even look at it until Monday morning–I can walk to anything that is of any real importance (farmer’s market, ice cream, maybe a picnic… )!

What’s on your docket for this July weekend? Isn’t it so nice to just enjoy some time at home with the ones you love?! I’m so looking forward to this much needed down time.