National Pink Day

Today is apparently National Pink Day. I found out while scrolling through my Instagram feed, and being the true lover of pink that I am, I just couldn’t let this one slide. So I thought I would quickly share some of my favorite pink paints across the board in honor of this day.

Farrow & Ball's Calamine.

Farrow & Ball’s Calamine.

Cinder Rose 246

Farrow & Ball’s Cinder Rose.

If you haven’t looked at Farrow & Ball before, they have wonderful colors. They feature a select range of curated colors that is truly lovely. I might even go so far as to say they are my current favorite paint manufacturer. They have a shade of pink called Calamine and it is so delicious. The color is soft and subtle, so much so that you may even be able to convince your husband to let you paint the master bedroom suite in this sweet little shade of pink. If you can’t see that pastel shade in your home, check out their Cinder Rose which is more of a dusty desert pink shade with great warmth and depth,

Benjamin Moore's Tickled Pink.

Benjamin Moore’s Tickled Pink.

Benjamin Moore's Peony

Benjamin Moore’s Peony

The manufacturer I specify the most in my projects is Benjamin Moore and they have a vast array of pinks to choose from. That said, I have a few favorites: Peony (2079-30) is a vibrant raspberry shade of pink, while Tickled Pink (2002-50) has more of a refreshing pink lemonade feel to it. Both are lovely, the Peony could be used in a small space to make a statement, and the Tickled Pink would be well suited in a little girls room or a guest room.

Sherwin Williams' Oleander.

Sherwin Williams’ Oleander.

Sherwin Williams' Dishy Coral.

Sherwin Williams’ Dishy Coral.

Lastly, Sherwin Williams is another mainstream paint manufacturer that has a lot of great shades and tones, where you are sure to find exactly what you are looking for. The pinks I selected from them are a bit more orange in their base, first with Dishy Coral (6598), which is very cheerful and warm, I could see this color in a lot of places. Similar to BM’s Peony, it could act as a surprising bold in a small space such as a powder room, mud room or laundry space, but I can also see it adding a great pop by way of a graphic detail in a master suite space. The last pink I’ve selected is Oleander (6603), which is a very soft fleshy pink that, similarly to F&B’s Calamine, could really be used anywhere. Though it reads a bit more pink, it is soft enough to still feel neutral. Try a color like this on your ceiling to bring the eye up.

What are your favorite shades of pink? Do you have a favorite manufacturer or distributor that you like to work with? Happy National Pink Day–hope you made it a pretty one!

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