Do What You Can

This quote is one of the greats.


“Do what you can, with what you have, where you are at.” That’s it. You can’t do more than you are able to do; you can’t work with more than what you have; and you can’t just spring ahead.

Everything takes time, effort, energy, supplies, dedication, ambition and much more. Every single one of us is in a different place in life, in our careers, with our families, with our homes. Take a minute to take inventory of all the things you have. Often we can be found saying “I wanted to be finished with my Bachelor’s by 22,” or, “I really was hoping to buy my first home by 30,” or even, “I wanted to renovate [fill in any space] by the end of the end of the school year.” There are a lot of things we will want to accomplish in our lives, and that want of growth and evolution is so good, but it can also have a negative undertone when we think about what we still have yet to do. Remember to give yourself credit for all that you do and all that you have.

If you rent an apartment instead of owning a condo or home, you are still responsible for keeping a roof over your head. If you just finished your degree, and you haven’t landed your dream job yet you are taking baby steps to get there. If all you can afford in time and money is to buy a can of paint and slap it on the wall, you are taking steps to make your house a home.

Don’t discredit the small steps you are making. You are moving mountains for your future. Everything you’ve done has helped you get to today, and everything you are working on is motivating you for your future. So just remember, sometimes it isn’t about those huge goals and life checklists, most of the time it is really just about doing what you can, with what you have, exactly where you are right now.

2 thoughts on “Do What You Can

  1. I particularly like this quote as it relates to interior design. So often I think that instead of doing something “half-assed” I should wait until I have more money, or a better idea of what I want, or a more perfect piece of furniture, etc. Instead, I shouldn’t be thinking of it as half-assed but as doing what I can with what I have. The truth is, with my all or nothing mentality, it is often the nothing that wins out. We may not have the money to knock down walls, but maybe I can paint. Or I might not have the time to rip out carpet and refinish the hard wood underneath, but maybe I can put down a nice rug in the meantime. Great post, Krystle!


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