Motivation for Mondays

I was chatting with a friend this morning about how Mondays get such a bad rap. And why is that? It’s not their fault that they fall where they do, they didn’t choose to be the most hated day of the week! I wanted to come up with some ways to turn those Monday blues into positive notes for the beginning of the week, after all that is what the Motivation Monday posts are all about!

Maximizing Mondays

Your Mondays are about to get a whole lot better.

Mondays are the first day of the new week. Let that on it’s own be a blessing. You get another week to start fresh, tackle a new list and get it done. Don’t stress out, you have the whole week in front of you for that!

Treat yourself. Stop on your way into the office for your favorite coffee and breakfast treat. I used to do this on Fridays, stop and get a latte or macchiato on my way to work, but why wait until Friday? They already get all the glory so they can afford to share their sweets with the Monday crew.

Prepare everything the night before. I think a large part of why Mondays are hard is because we have just had a nice relaxing weekend break from the work week. We got a chance to spend time with our loved ones and use all of our energy for adventure and fun. Then all of a sudden, beep-beep-beep, your alarm is ringing again and it’s time to haul your butt to work. Do yourself a favor and plan for this rushed and hectic Monday morning routine to be a bit more calm. Get out your clothes laid out the night before, shower and dry your hair at night so all you have to do is style it in the am. Pack your bag and prep your lunch and breakfast the night before. If everything is all set, you can feel free to hit snooze just one more time, knowing that you will be just fine. Heck, now that you’ve mastered the night before prep after the weekend, do it every night and you’ll rarely ever be frazzled and rushing!

Make your to-do list a mile long. Add monotonous every day tasks to your list. Things like “get coffee,” “brush teeth,” “refill water bottle,” mixed in with the things that are more serious and need to get done will help you balance out your list with things that you are doing anyway. When you get to cross off more things on your list, you will feel a better sense of accomplishment through your day.

Turn that frazzled feeling into motivation. If you are still feeling crazy despite getting ready for Monday morning, turn that frazzled feeling into motivation and get things done. If you can work through the crazy to encourage that hectic energy into momentum, you will be rolling through your day getting more done than you have before.

What do you guys do to trick encourage yourself through those tough Monday blues? I want to know what I’m missing out on so I can feel better too! Help a woman out!

Whatever it is that you are doing today, have an awesome Monday!

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