Motivation for Mother Earth

We’ve made it through another fabulous weekend, the weather is getting better, there are more flowers in bloom and Spring is getting more Spring-like each day. This week holds Earth Day (April 22) and has me thinking.

I grew up in the Pacific Northwest (PNW), and in that neck of the woods there are a lot of ‘hippie’ tenancies, so I may be slightly brainwashed. But(!) I feel like we really don’t think about our impact on the planet near as often as we should. There is a large chunk of time that we are just living our lives and going about our typical day to day without any concern to the effect it may have, or what options we have to reduce this effect.

Earth Week

I thought this quote from the Dalai Lama was particularly insightful. We are quite quick to complain when there are more sever swings in the weather, but we aren’t so quick to act. I thought this week I would spend some time trying to discuss ways that we can do better. I am in no way shape or form perfect — none of us are — there is always more we can do. So let’s talk about it! It certainly can’t hurt, and every little bit can add up to make a difference.

What conscious efforts do you help in favor of bettering our environments and leaving a smaller footprint? I’m curious to hear what everyone is doing. This week I’m going to take a look and make a little list of things we can do that have an impact. I just want to start a discussion, I don’t want to upset anyone, and I’m in no way pointing fingers… I just want to get us thinking. Mother Nature is a huge source of influence for me, and I want that to continue through many generations.

I’ll leave you today with these words from The Lorax by Dr. Suess, “Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing’s going to change-it’s not!”