Happy Easter {Mini Lemon Easter Egg Cakes}

Let me first start out by saying that I’m not a baker. I love cooking, but I’ve never been one that loves baking. That said, I LOVED this project! Being gluten-free on holidays is always tricky, so sometimes the best thing to do is to make a little something that you can bring with you and share when you are going to be somewhere. It helps you to feel included! Mini Lemon Easter Egg Cakes 12

The inspiration for this project came from The Kitchn, where they featured these adorable egg shaped cakes, showing that you can shape your cake into an egg really very simply, and then just add frosting and voila!

For the cake, I used a lemon pound cake recipe from Gluten Free on a Shoe String that is so good, you will be dreaming about more while licking the crumbs off your plate. Not to mention all those anti-gf friends and relatives will have no idea whether it is or isn’t free of anything! And for those of you that aren’t fans of tart lemon-y flavors what is wrong with you?! you can use any favorite cake or loaf recipe and still cut your eggs from them!

I was able to fit two eggs from each loaf and they are the size of extra large. I will admit that my eggs are a little wonky. But I think that is what makes them so adorable. I made cream cheese frosting (without a recipe, sorry) to cover the little eggs with, and I even experimented with turning some of the icing pink with beets! It is very pastel, and almost too soft to really discern the pink-ness in the icing picture, but it is a very lovely pastel pink.

When I was finished making these little treats, I sent a picture (the one at the top without the graphics) to my hubby and a good friend and they both thought I was sending a picture of ice cream, so the graphic was necessary I suppose, but I think these little eggs came together very well.

Mini Lemon Easter Egg Cakes 13

In fact, I couldn’t help but think that this could be a great new tradition for our little family and once we have kiddos, I can picture them decorating their little egg cakes with sprinkles and icing to look like fancier Easter eggs!

Do you have any fun Easter traditions or baked goods that you make in celebration specifically of this weekend? Happy Easter friends! Enjoy this time with your loved ones.

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