For the Love of Art

I am a huge fan of art and I can appreciate a lot of different styles, mediums, etc. But I mostly love more modern or abstract pieces. When we were on our honeymoon (which I still need to do a write-up on) we bought our first ‘real’ art for our space. It was such a wonderful process and experience and we are still so in love with our purchases.

Jean Claude Picot's "San Giorgo a Venise"

Jean Claude Picot’s “San Giorgo a Venise”

So, what do I mean by real art? I mean something done by an actual artist, not sold at a big box store like Home Goods or Ikea. That isn’t to say that the pictures purchased at these places can’t be great additions to your walls — we have a HUGE print from Ikea in our living room and we have another big painting from Home Goods that I’ve always loved as well.

Some places to look for good investment pieces to really build an art collection are art auctions, small galleries — even local coffee shops/cafes — and Etsy! Galleries can be found in most every city center, major or not, you are likely to find a local spot that is displaying art. One of the first pieces of real art I fell in love with was in a coffee shop in downtown Seattle. I was in no position to buy art at that point in my life, but I will never forget that piece. If I could remember the artist’s name, I would probably scour the internet until I could track it down!

In Jersey City, there is a little bar/restuarant/gallery space called LITM that does a monthly exhibit, not to mention 942 Summit, an adorable little shop featuring tea, gluten-free treats, skin care goodies and of course local art — definitely worth checking them out if you are local.

Art work by Lauren Taylor can be found and purchased here.

Art work by Lauren Taylor can be found and purchased here.

An Etsy artist that I’m in love with right now is Lauren Taylor, she makes beautiful fashion inspired watercolors. Shown above is her “For Love and Lemons” print that I think I might need for my bathroom. I also love her lipstick prints for the bathroom as well, but could see these prints along with any of the ones from her collection in a bachelorette’s gallery wall. She does great work.

Where have you found your ‘real art?’ I will have to do an art tour of the pieces we have around our condo now, but first we will have to get them up on the walls!

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