Thursday Night TV

Many moons ago, when they switched over from those metal rabbit ear antennas to the digital antennas, that was all I had for tv. And Thursday nights have always been my favorite for television.

One of the only channels that I could get in my little studio apartment was ABC, and I made sure to be home for Thursday nights’ lineup. I have watched Grey’s Anatomy since the beginning and I was a fan of Private Practice too, but the current line-up from Grey’s to Scandal and now How to Get Away With Murder… I’m not convinced I get enough oxygen on Thursday nights. I hold my breath through about 50% of each episode in anticipation waiting to find out what glorious twist Shonda Rhimes has in store for us next.

If you haven’t watched Grey’s Anatomy or Scandal, I strongly¬†strongly recommend that you get on your Netflix and start watching. After all isn’t that what our beautiful living rooms are for: to cuddle up with a nice big Olivia Pope sized glass of wine and get sucked in to the fictional lives of others while we unwind from our own hectic days?!

What shows do you love to watch during the week?

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