Extend The Shelf Life On Fresh-Cut Flowers

If you found the DBK blog by transferring over from the old blog, then you are likely aware of my obsession great love of flowers. I love having them around the house and even find myself moving them around to whatever room I’m spending the most time in so I can enjoy them.

I often gift them to clients upon their project completion as well so that I can use them in my finished-spaces photo shoots. Fresh flowers are a wonderful addition to any space. They add life and color–and unlike a houseplant, no green thumbs are required!

So if you are like me, you love flowers around the home, but can’t grow them to save your life, here are some tips to keep those fresh stems alive longer!

1. Buy budding blooms. The flowers that are still in their budding phase will give you the longest length possible. You will get to see them open them up and enjoy them while they bloom.

2. Change the water. It is as simple as that. Pay attention to the water and change it often. They don’t need fresh water daily, but they do like a nice fresh drink. Make sure to use water that is room temperature so the stems don’t have to adjust.

3. Trim the stems. If you’ve ever cut down your own Christmas Tree, you know about trimming the end of the tree trunk off when you get it home just before you put it into the tree stand. The reason you have to cut it again (after just cutting it in the farm or forest) is because it forms a layer at the cut edge that seals it off from accepting the fresh water, thus causing it to die sooner. If you cut the end off, it will drink up all that fresh water, giving it a longer life. The same goes for your stems. Just cut a small amount every 3-4 days and you will get more life from them.

4. Remove any dead or dying elements of the plant. If you purchased rosebuds with leaves attached, and you like the look of them, use them in your initial arrangement but pay attention to them as they dry out and be sure to trim them away. Any dead or dying element of your arrangement will suck the nutrients away from the healthy elements causing them to go faster. Trim these parts away and the healthy parts will thrive for longer.

And that’s that! Hope this helps you get more mileage from your stems to really enjoy the blooms!

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