Motivation Monday {Passion}

Happy Monday! It’s the first one of the year, so try not to get into those Monday blues. It may be hard since this is not only the first Monday of the year, but also the first Monday back into our routines after holiday breaks for many of us.

This year for me is about living better, which means a whole lot and can come from a lot of little changes. The biggest thing is to remember to do things like choose happy, get rooted into things I’m passionate about, and give myself more time.

My mom sent over this adorable little calendar by Orange Circle Studio for my stocking and I love it already! If you have followed along with the blog for any length of time, you know I’m a sucker for words. I love quotes, phrases etc., especially when they are written beautifully.

This month’s phrase “live with passion” is so on point for the beginning of the year, and I fully intend to fill this year with this mantra on repeat.