In The Works {A Classic White Kitchen}

This project is almost wrapped up, so before I get to share the final look, let me show you what we started with.

Probably the best view of the kitchen as a whole, looking from the dining room in.

For the client, the biggest hindrance in the space was that it was closed off. When you walk into their front door, you come right into the living room and are facing a wall that separates the living room from the kitchen. Secondly was the dark and outdated style of the kitchen and for the hubby especially, the soffits around the perimeter were a big problem.

From a design perspective the kitchen was in great need of lightening up–not just in the finishes, but in adding actual light. In your kitchen where you are dealing prepping food, cleaning etc., almost everything you are doing requires really good light.

Here is a view of the dividing wall in the kitchen.

We made a list of what the client wanted to see in the space visually as well as what they needed in the space functionally and started to make a plan.

Here is a look at the plan for the space as drawn by Beauty Craft Kitchens here in NJ:

And here is a look at the room starting to open up:

Looking from the front door towards the kitchen and dining rooms.

Reveal coming soon! What do you think?

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